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ACTIVet PRO Combo Package

Indispensable tools for quality animal care.  Treat hundreds of conditions easily in the clinic with the cordless and powerful ACTIVet PRO and rent out your My Pet Laser units to clients for at-home use.

MR4 PRO Sport Package

The most celebrated laser in professional and collegiate sports. The MR4 PRO Sport Package features the cordless MR4 ACTIV, the LaserStim™ Emitter, and the LaserShower™ Emitter.

ACTIVet PRO Equine Combo Package

The perfect fit for any equine practice.  Treat hundreds of conditions in the clinic with ACTIVet PRO system and rent the ACTIVet laser to clients for at-home care.

LaserShower Package

LaserShower™ Package Shorten treatment times with 50W of power and 5X more area than standard emitters.

MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package

Comprehensive package for the busy Chiropractic clinic, features LaserStim with TARGET™ & Dose Technology.  Get three of our most popular super pulsed lasers and transform how you treat your patients. 

MR4 DLS Package

Experience the freedom of unatended treatments…..Saves time and money.  Shorten treatment times and see more patients with the MR4 DLS Package.

MR4 Ultra Package

The most preferred laser in the world, offering the LaserStim™ emitter with TARGET™ & Dose Technology, along with a LaserShower™ for treating large muscle groups. A must-have for any practice, this package contains the LaserStim™ Emitter, the LaserShower™ Emitter and the MR4™ Console Unit.

Pain Management Package

The most researched and documented therapeutic laser available.  Great alternative to opioid use, with no side effects.

MR4 ACTIVet PRO LaserShower

Validated - Optimized - Unrivaled.  The most powerful, portable, and affordable therapeutic laser for Veterinary use, featuring Blue Light and 200 Watts of power.


Validated - Optimized - Unrivaled.  The most powerful, portable, and affordable therapeutic laser for Veterinary use, featuring Blue Light and 50 Watts of power.


Validated - Optimized - Unrivaled.  The next generation in cordless laser therapy, featuring 50 W of power, shorter treatment times and more treatment options.


The next generation in cordless laser therapy, combining Laser and Electrical Stim.  The World's first and only FDA registered cordless Laser with TARGET and DOSE technology.


Press Room: Laser Therapy Applications in Sports Medicine

Must know facts about laser-light-photo therapy For Immediate Release: February 9, 2016 – (SOLON, Ohio) – EXCERPT: Participation in high school sports helps promote a physically active lifestyle. High school sports participation has grown from an estimated 4 million participants during the 1971-72

Press Room: MR4 Laser Improves Sports Injury Recovery Time

For Immediate Release April 28, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Getting back on the field quicker and healthier is what sports injury rehabilitation is all about. Leading major sports athletic trainers credit new benefits made possible with laser therapy equipment by Multi Radiance Medical with getting

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Technology Utilized by Sports Champions

professional sports teams in 5 different sports,” states Max Kanarsky, President and CEO of MRM. “This includes the recent champions of both major Winter Sports—The Stanley Cup™ in Professional Hockey (Los Angeles) and The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy™ in Professional Basketball (San Antonio).” “Multi

Category: Sports Medicine

as a regular part of their treatment programs. Find the right laser package to get your athletes back in the game.

Category Products:      MR5 ACTIV PRO      MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserStim      MR4 PRO Sport Package      MR4 ACTIV      GameDay Laser      

Press Room: Dr. Mark Elam Awarded Chiropractic Graduate Package at Parker Seminars by Multi Radiance Medical, Other Chiropractic Industry Leaders

For Immediate Release January 15, 2014 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Dr. Mark Elam, a 2013 graduate of Logan University, was selected from a drawing of thousands of fellow recent Chiropractic graduates and students to receive The Graduate Package, $12,000 Worth of Cutting-Edge Chiropractic essentials from four

Video: Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT: Multi Radiance for Enhanced Sports Performance

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. Ph.D., PT, has tested over 15 brands of laser for sports performance enhancement and exercise restitution. Watch to see why he prefers Multi Radiance Medical.

Blog: How to Use Super Pulsed Laser to Improve Sports Performance

Competitive athletes understand that even the slightest edge can make all the difference in the world. Multi Radiance Medical has developed a novel method of enhancing sports performance. This provides a safe and reliable means for a competitive advantage without the use of performance enhancing

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Medical Products MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserStim MR5 ACTIV PRO MR4 PRO Sport Package MR4 ACTIV GameDay Laser MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package MR4 DLS Package MR4 Ultra Package MR4 LaserStim Pain Management Package PainAway Post-Op TQ Solo MR4 LaserStim Emitter MR4 SE25 Emitter MR4 LaserShower MR4

Video: ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser Overview

Learn how to use the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to treat hundreds of veterinary conditions quickly, easily and safely.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Osteoarthritis | ACTIVet PRO

To treat one of the most common veterinary conditions, use the 50 Hz setting on the ACTIVet PRO laser. Slowly scan radially around the joints for 2 minutes and repeat on the other side.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Swelling and Lymphatic Drainage | ACTIVet PRO

ACTIVet PRO: 1000 Hz, 2 minutes, slowly scanning around the periphery of the proximal lymph node. Then use the Woodpecker technique to apply and release pressure to help facilitate drainage.

Press Room: MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser Featured in Vet Practice Magazine

Australia’s Vet Practice Magazine recently featured Multi Radiance’s MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser in its February 2018 edition. The article explains how South Australia’s Meadows Veterinary Centre trialed several lasers before purchasing the ACTIVet PRO, and how the laser is used

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Start with Unwind Protocol | ACTIVet PRO

Always start with the Unwind Protocol to get the patient acclimated to laser. With the ACTIVet PRO, use 1000 Hz and slowly scan from the base of the skull to the tail, distal to the midline to hit nerve roots. Spread fur as needed to get laser as close to skin as possible.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Otitis & Ear Infections | ACTIVet PRO

ACTIVet PRO: 50 Hz for inflammation, 2 minutes per ear, use the Utility Probe attachment and hold static to treat the ear canal and outer ear. Control bacteria with blue light: 100% power, 2 minutes per ear, use the Utility Probe and hold static.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Mouth, Gums, Dental | ACTIVet PRO

Treat inflammation in the gums with the ACTIVet PRO Laser: 50 Hz, 2 minutes, slow scan with the Utility Probe along gum line in mouth. Control bacteria with the blue light setting: 100%, 1 minute, slow scan with Utility Probe along gum line in mouth.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Managing Animal Wounds with Blue Light | ACTIVet PRO

For wounds, select 50 Hz on the ACTIVet PRO and hover about a half inch above the wound site for 2-3 minutes. Then use the blue light mode at 100% and again hover over the wound site for 3 minutes to control bacteria.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Arthritis | ACTIVet PRO and My Pet Laser

After scanning near the spine with the Unwind Protocol at 1000 Hz, treat arthritis by slowly scanning around and inside affected joints with 50 Hz using the ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser. Clients can do follow up treatments at home using the My Pet Laser rental unit.

Video: Stimulatory vs. Inhibitory Frequencies and Unwind Protocol with the ACTIVet PRO

Louise Ballinger demonstrates the Unwind Protocol (1000 Hz, 5-10 min along the sides of the spinal cord) with the ACTIVet PRO for pain relief & relaxation. She also describes how to build a protocol by knowing the differences between Stimulatory and Inhibitory Frequencies. Stimulatory is less than

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Unwind Protocol on Specialized Training Dogs | ACTIVet PRO

To acclimate a specialized training dog to laser, use the ACTIVet PRO at 1000 Hz for 5-10 minutes, slowly scanning from the base of the skull down to the tail. Laser should be distal from the midline to hit nerve roots and avoid treating bone. Spread thick fur using the trigger point probes to get

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: ACL, Tendon and Cruciate Injuries | ACTIVet PRO and My Pet Laser

Use the 1-250 Hz Sweep setting on the ACTIVet PRO and slowly scan along the affected area to increase blood flow and generate ATP and new cells for a more complete healing. Clients can do at-home treatments with Setting #2 (250 Hz) on the My Pet Laser.

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Post-Op Incision Healing | ACTIVet PRO, My Pet Laser

Start with the ACTIVet PRO: 1-250 Hz, 2-3 minutes, slowly scanning and hovering a half inch above the incision site. Use blue light at 100% power, slowly scanning for 2 minutes at the incision site to control bacteria. At-home treatments with My Pet Laser: 1-250 Hz, 2-3 minutes scanning above

Category: Emitters

GET BACK IN THE GAME Join the increasing number of athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians who use our Super Pulsed Lasers as a regular part of their treatment programs. Find the right laser package to get your athletes back in the game.

Category Products:      MR4 LaserStim Emitter      MR4 SE25 Emitter      MR4 LaserShower Emitter      

Category: General Medicine

THE MULTI RADIANCE DIFFERENCE Discover how Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers can improve outcomes and functional gains, allowing your patients to tolerate more intensive therapy techniques earlier in the rehabilitation process. Find the perfect laser package for your practice to get your patients

Category Products:      MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserStim      Pain Management Package      MR4 Ultra Package      MR4 LaserStim      PainAway Post-Op      Pain Management Clinic Package      

Category: Chiropractic

of pain, shorter treatment times and more satisfied patients. Find the right laser package to improve patient outcomes and better your practice. Worldwide Chiropractic Colleges trust Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Super Pulsed Lasers

Category Products:      MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserStim      MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package      MR4 DLS Package      MR4 Ultra Package      MR4 LaserStim      

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Announces New MR4 DLS Hands Free Therapy System

Package combines Multi Radiance Medical’s  flagship product, the MR4 console, with two 50 Watt LaserShower emitters and a Magna Cart Deluxe, which includes two flexible armatures with emitter holders. The new system allows for unattended, hands-free treatments that save practitioners time and money

Category: Physical Therapy

DISCOVER THE MULTI RADIANCE DIFFERENCE Find the right laser package for your practice and get your patients back to their normal daily routines by using our clinically proven Super Pulsed Laser technology. You can improve your patient outcomes and your practice without breaking the bank. Multi

Category Products:      MR5 ACTIV PRO      MR4 Ultra Package      MR4 LaserStim      MR4 ACTIV      MR4 SE25      

Video: Super Pulsed Laser for Physical Therapy: Bob Donatelli, PhD, PT

Bob Donatelli, Ph.D., PT, explains why the MR4 ACTIV and the MR4 Ultra Package from Multi Radiance Medical are so essential to his practice.

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet PRO LaserShower: by Sharon Classen

“Working with high-level equestrian and equine athletes, it’s important to get them back to competition in a timely fashion. I’ve found that the ACTIVet PRO is very useful for me. It’s durable and extremely effective, and I think it’s something everyone will want in their toolbox.”

Testimonial for MR4 PRO Sport Package: by Craig Buhler

"I train doctors from all over the world in the A.M.I.T. method and many of them have purchased Multi Radiance Laser systems with the same amazing results. Together, the A.M.I.T. method and MR4 Laser system have taken sports chiropractic to an entirely different level in effectiveness. Multi

Testimonial for MR4 Ultra Package: by Ernesto Leal-Junior

"In the past 8 years I have tested at least 15 different lasers in my lab aiming to identify the best parameters for sports enhancement and exercise restitution. Multi Radiance Medical has the best outcomes over those 15 brands I have tested, so I strongly recommend the use of Multi Radiance

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Teams with Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society as Exclusive Laser Therapy Sponsor

skilled chiropractors who treat players and staff of National Hockey League (NHL) teams. The organization serves its current and potential members by providing education and resources on the chiropractic and sports medicine industries. MRM super pulsed laser therapy has long been used

Video: Trigger Point Probes for Laser Acupuncture

Each ACTIVet and ACTIVet PRO comes with 4 types of probes, which can be used to treat wounds, treat hard-to-reach areas, perform laser acupuncture, and more.

Press Room: Professional Football Chiropractic Society is Laser-Powered by Sponsor Multi Radiance Medical

athletes and staff of National Football League teams to keep them at optimal health and performance levels. PFCS also focuses on providing continuing education and resources to members and their patients to enhance understanding of sports chiropractic. Dr. Alan Sokoloff, DACBSP, one of the original 12


to use contrary to any instruction manual, operator's manual, package insert or oral instructions provided by the Company; (c) damage to the Product due to the use of equipment not manufactured, supplied or approved by the Company; (d) abnormal working conditions at the Customer's premises; or (e

Video: Laser Therapy Protocol: Bone Fractures and Increase Blood Flow | ACTIVet PRO and My Pet Laser

Use the 1-250 Hz setting and slowly scan with very light pressure or hover over the injury site for 2-3 minutes to promote healing of bone fractures in animals. Increase blood flow with photohemotherapy: Use 50 Hz for 2 minutes along nearby large vessels or arteries. For stress-free treatments at

Video: Equine Laser Therapy: Sore Back, Idiopathic Swelling and Lameness in Racehorse | ACTIVet PRO

Louise Ballinger treats back soreness and a swollen and lame leg in this racehorse in 3 steps: relaxing with the Unwind Protocol, relieving pain and inflammation in the leg, and finishing with photohemotherapy to increase blood flow and oxygen in the leg.

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Showcases Educational Speaker's Bureau at the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations Convention

, the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council, the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS), the European Chiropractors Union, the World Federation of Chiropractic, and 80 percent of chiropractic colleges worldwide. About Multi Radiance Medical Multi Radiance Medical is a global

Video: Get Equine Athletes Back to Competition with Laser Therapy: Sharon Classen, Equine Physiotherapist

Equine Physiotherapist Sharon Classen tells why she uses the Multi Radiance Veterinary ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to quickly and easily relieve pain, heal wounds, and help horses recover faster using our proven effective Super Pulsed Laser Therapy technology.

Video: Equine Laser Therapy Protocol: Acupuncture Points for COPD

To treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in horses with laser therapy: Set ACTIVet PRO to 1000 Hz. Use the Contact Technique: Hold the laser with firm, direct contact with the skin, at each acupuncture point. Treat 2 minutes per point.

Press Room: Multi Radiance Celebrates an Exceptional 2013

the integration of super pulsed lasers into clinical practices.” Drawing praise from the chiropractic community, MRM super pulsed lasers represent the gold standard in sports laser treatment applications. Frank J. Nicchi, D.C., M.S., president, New York Chiropractic College, says, “New York Chiropractic

Press Room: Logan College of Chiropractic Uses Multi Radiance Medical Laser Devices to Enhance Student’s Education and Skills

MR4 Ultra devices so that they have a clear understanding of super pulsed laser therapy and can provide accelerated pain relief and healing to their patients. “The Multi Radiance Medical laser has been useful in the treatment of a wide range of sports-related injuries,” said Dr. Laney Nelson

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical’s GameDay Super Pulsed Laser Optimizes Athletic Performance

. His ongoing research studies demonstrate that specialized laser treatments used 24 hours prior to performance helps athletes delay muscle fatigue, prevent injury and recover after strenuous physical activity. “Many professional sports teams and elite amateur athletic programs use Multi Radiance

Press Room: Study: Multi Radiance Medical is better than Class IV lasers for enhancing athletic performance, accelerating recovery

of Caxias do Sul's Sports Medicine Institute compared the Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed laser to two other commercially available lasers from Thor Photomedicine and LiteCure in a double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study. The researchers conducted the study to provide a direct product

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Teams with Sport and Spine Rehab to help patients “Work Better, Play Harder”

choice for my patients; they are the most evidence-based and effective lasers on the market.” In addition to pain management, the Multi Radiance MR4 super pulsed laser technology is also well documented in the area of sports performance. World-renowned Laser Researcher Dr. Ernesto Leal Junior has

Press Room: Crain's Cleveland Business reports on Multi Radiance Medical's Technology, Growth in the Super Pulsed Laser Device Market

and rehabilitation markets to amateur and professional sports athletes, as well as veterinarians. Read the full article here. About Multi Radiance Medical Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared therapeutic super pulsed laser devices, which are used throughout the world to treat

Press Room: Nike Oregon Project Head Coach Alberto Salazar Utilizes Multi Radiance Medical Lasers on Elite Runners, Facilitating Performance and Recovery

coaching and revolutionary training methods,” says Max Kanarsky, president and CEO of MRM. “The Project is one of the most prestigious training groups in the world, committed to developing the best distance runners in the world through rigorous training and the utilization of cutting-edge sports science

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Joins Activator Methods International as Platinum Sponsor

1967. About Multi Radiance Medical Multi Radiance Medical is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared super pulsed lasers for pain relief, sports performance and accelerated recovery. This medical technology has been used safely and effectively among a wide range

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical’s LaserStim™ Provides Foot Pain Relief

for my busy podiatric surgical and sports medicine practice.” About Multi Radiance Medical Multi Radiance Medical is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief. This proprietary technology is considered the safest laser on the market

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Lasers receive FDA Clearance for Neck and Shoulder Pain

in over 30 clinical trials and has published a dozen peer reviewed articles in the last two years,” added Douglas Johnson, Senior VP, Clinical and Scientific Affairs.  “We want to congratulate our regulatory team, Dr. Ernesto Leal Junior, and our research team at the Laboratory of Phototherapy in Sports

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Announces a Significant Published Study on MR4 Super Pulsed Laser Technology and Its Effects on COPD

in Washington DC. A video interview of Dr. Miranda’s findings is available at Laser Therapy University. The study offers a new direction in looking at the elderly who have mobility issues related to early and advanced stages of COPD. It could also have a translational impact on sports performance

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Partners with US Equestrian Federation

, doctors of chiropractic, veterinarians, athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals including MDs, DOs, physiatrists and other rehabilitation specialists.  

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Continues Platinum Sponsorship of New York Chiropractic College with Laser Therapy Equipment Donation

and chronic pain, arthritis, muscle strain, muscle spasm, and other conditions. The company’s proprietary super pulsed technology is used by 80% of chiropractic colleges worldwide and is the equipment of choice for over 80 professional and collegiate sports teams along with Olympic and National teams.

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Partners with LIFE University

For Immediate Release January 7, 2012 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical and LIFE University (LIFE) are announcing a multi-year partnership agreement focusing on clinical research. LIFE will conduct multiple clinical studies via the LIFE University Sports Science Institute on using laser

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical's GameDay Super Pulsed Laser Offers Athletes Alternative to Prescription Painkillers

. For over two decades, Multi Radiance Medical has served physical therapists, doctors of chiropractic, veterinarians, athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals including MDs, DOs, physiatrists and other rehabilitation specialists.

Press Room: Laser Therapy: An Important Instrument for Chiropractors, by Dr. Patrick Gentempo

, you soon will be, as this laser technology is exploding on to the scene in the professional sports arena and is now making headlines in the clinical setting as well. The core of Multi Radiance’s super pulsed laser technology, which synergistically combines multiple types of therapeutic laser/light

Press Room: LIFE University Teaches Students with Multi Radiance Laser Devices

, Director of Chiropractic Sports Performance at LIFE states, “Athletes are seeking care with this equipment because of the quick, phenomenal results. Rehabilitation times are being reduced with our LUSSI (LIFE University Sport Science Institute) patients because of the use of the Multi Radiance MR4 devices

Blog: Veterinarian completes blue light study using Multi Radiance Medical ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser

The Ohio State University veterinary dermatology residency graduate Amy Schnedeker, DVM, MS, recently completed a study on the effects of blue light on common bacteria using Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser. Blue light has been used to treat common skin infections due

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