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Financing Information 
& Payment Options

Financing Information

NCMIC Third-Party Financing Offer for Q1/Q2 2020:


NCMIC Equipment Financing: Not just for DCs, for any licensed practitioner with qualified credit! (Veterinarians welcome too!)

Recent changes in the economy have impacted businesses of all sizes throughout the country and world, but we're here to help your company stay on track. Multi Radiance is proud to partner with NCMIC to help you finance your new laser therapy device so you can offer patients this unbeatable treatment method and enhance your practice income.

Right now, well-qualified buyers will pay just $99/mo. for the first 6 months! Then regular monthly payments will resume based on term preference and package cost. Plus you have 30 days after signing to start the $99/mo. payments. Fill out the NCMIC Financing form to see if you qualify.

NCMIC offers you:

-$99/mo. payments for the first 6 months

-First $99/mo. payment due 30 days after signing

-NO wait – credit decisions in as few as 2 hours

-NO down payment

-NO prepayment penalties

-Personalized service

*For well-qualified buyers subject to approval by 3rd party financing group NCMIC / PSFS. 

Fill out the NCMIC Financing Form Here

Payment Options:

Interested in an Multi Radiance Medical laser therapy device? There are several appealing payment options:

ROI: Multi Radiance Medical is excited to report that the average ROI for an Multi Radiance laser therapy device purchase is less than 90 days. How can Multi Radiance Medical laser therapy help your practice?

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