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What is Super Pulsed Laser Therapy and How Does it Work?

Learn about the science behind Multi Radiance super pulsed laser technology and how it works to safely and effectively manage chronic and acute pain.

Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser Technology Explained

Multi Radiance Medical technology is proven safe and effective for pain relief and accelerated recovery, but how does it work? What exactly is light, and how can it be used for pain relief?

Who is Multi Radiance Medical?

Why choose Multi Radiance Medical for super pulsed laser therapy? Learn about what makes Multi Radiance the most popular therapeutic laser in the world.

How to Use the Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Laser Therapy System

Brent A. Ungar, DC shows how to get started with the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser System from Multi Radiance Medical.

How to Use the MR4 LaserStim Super Pulsed Laser

Watch to learn the scanning and treatment techniques of the LaserStim™ super pulsed laser with TARGET™ technology.

How to Introduce Laser Therapy into Your Practice

You just bought a laser, now how do you introduce laser therapy to your patients, staff and practice? Brent A. Ungar, DC, details how to get started with Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

New 200W MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserShower for Clinicians

The MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserShower joins the MR5 line of Super Pulsed Lasers from Multi Radiance Medical. With 200W peak power, over 500mw mean output power, and a large 30cm² emitter aperture, it is the most powerful, safe and functional clinical therapeutic laser on the market.

New MR5 ACTIV PRO and MR5 ACTIV PRO LaserStim Super Pulsed Lasers

Introducing the next generation in cordless super pulsed laser therapy from Multi Radiance Medical: the new MR5 ACTIV PRO and MR5 ACTIV PRO with LaserStim each feature 50W of peak power for faster treatment times without the risk of overheating or damaging skin. And now get Multi Radiance's flagship LaserStim technology in a portable unit for the first time with the ACTIV PRO LaserStim. This technology combines laser with neurological electrical stimulation to seek out areas needing treatment and automatically deliver the correct dose of laser energy.

MR4 ACTIV Portable Super Pulsed Laser

Find out why our most powerful cordless laser, the MR4 ACTIV, is used by clinicians all over the world for professional, college, and amateur athletes alike.

PainAway Post-Op: Laser Therapy at Home and Post-Surgery Recovery

Brent A. Ungar, DC, explains how he uses the Multi Radiance Medical PainAway Post-Op™ Super Pulsed Laser in his practice: renting to patients for further treatment at home due to scheduling issues or required maintenance, and for helping surgery patients recover faster.

Jay Greenstein DC using Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser

Sport & Spine Rehab's Jay Greenstein, DC, explains how Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers helped him manage pain and accelerate recovery after an Achilles tendon injury and subsequent surgery.

Super Pulsed Laser for Physical Therapy: Bob Donatelli, PhD, PT

Bob Donatelli, Ph.D., PT, explains why the MR4 ACTIV and the MR4 Ultra Package from Multi Radiance Medical are so essential to his practice.

GameDay Laser for Crossfit Training with Scott Panchik

Crossfit Games athlete Scott Panchik uses the GameDay Laser by Multi Radiance to Prepare, Perform and Recover during his intense training.

Using the GameDay Laser for Ironman Athletes, Sprints, Long Distance Running: Triathlon Coach Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards, owner and head coach of North Coast Endurance Coaching and head coach of the Cleveland State University triathlon team, describes how the Multi Radiance GameDay Laser helps his athletes prepare, perform and recover from intense training.

US Army Wounded Veteran Back Pain Treated with Low Level Laser Therapy

During his Afghanistan tour serving in the US Army, Tyler Gregory, 21, was shot, fell off a cliff, and had his vehicle blown up by an IED while inside, causing a herniated cervical disc and fractured thoracic disc. After trying pain medications, physical therapy, and injections without seeing results, will super pulsed laser therapy from Multi Radiance Medical work for his pain?

Laser Therapy Patient Review: Torn Achilles

After suffering a partially torn Achilles tendon, Eric Schumacher's chiropractor suggested low level laser therapy from Multi Radiance Medical. Watch as Schumacher describes how his pain levels diminished over his treatment course - and why he recommends laser over other methods that only treat the symptoms. To find a laser therapy practitioner in your area, please call 800-373-0955 or visit the Contact Us page.

Patient Review: Back Pain Relief with Laser Therapy

Julie's doctors couldn't relieve her back pain. One treatment with Multi Radiance's MR4 LaserStim Super Pulsed Laser Therapy system and her low back pain was gone. Hear why she recommends super pulsed laser therapy and LaserStim technology, which combines laser with e-stim.

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT: Multi Radiance for Enhanced Sports Performance

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. Ph.D., PT, has tested over 15 brands of laser for sports performance enhancement and exercise restitution. Watch to see why he prefers Multi Radiance Medical.

Research: Using Phototherapy to Prevent Fatigue with Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior

Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior discusses how his research in phototherapy shows that using low level laser therapy before exercise prevents injury, enhances performance, and accelerates recovery in athletes.

Research: Laser Therapy and Strength Training

Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT reviews "What is the Best Moment to Apply Phototherapy When Associated to a Strength Training Program?" a study in which researchers tested whether laser therapy was more effective before, after, or before and after exercise.

Research: Photobiomodulation for Skeletal Muscle Performance

Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT reviews the study in which researchers found that applying Multi Radiance laser before exercise improved performance and accelerated recovery.

Research: Photobiomodulation Improves Performance in Rugby Players

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the research study "Phototherapy Improves Performance & Accelerates Recovery in Rugby Players" in which researchers used photobiomodulation to treat rugby players.

Research: Super Pulsed Laser and Light Emitting Diodes on Knee Pain

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the study "Combination of Super Pulsed Laser and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Phototherapy on Non-Specific Knee Pain" in which 76 patients were treated with either a placebo or a combination of Super Pulsed Laser and LEDs, using Multi Radiance Medical technology and the Priority Principle.

Research: Photobiomodulation vs. Cryotherapy for Skeletal Muscle Restitution

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the study that investigates whether placebo, isolated PBMT, isolated cryotherapy, or a combination of both therapies is best for skeletal muscle restitution. Watch the find out the study results.

Part 1 - Janis Eells, PhD: How I Started Researching Low Level Laser Therapy

Janis Eells, PhD and Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, discusses her journey researching low level laser therapy, also known as photobiomodulation therapy.

Part 2 - Janis Eells, PhD: Photobiomodulation Research in New Disciplines

Janis Eells, PhD, talks about the different disciplines and fields she has worked with as a low level laser therapy researcher, and what collaborations she hopes to be involved with in the future to try to find optimal treatments for various diseases and conditions.

Part 3 - Janis Eells, PhD: Photobiomodulation's Impact on Medicine

Janis Eells, PhD, knew she wanted to be a scientist by the time she was 9 years old. In this interview she explains how it feels that her research has inspired many other scientists and its impact on the medical field.

Part 4 - Janis Eells, PhD: The Future of Photobiomodulation

Janis Eells, PhD and photobiomodulation researcher, discusses how she would like to see low level laser therapy utilized in medical practice in the future.

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy Research

Why do we conduct so much research? So you can make the best decision on how to spend your hard earned money when it comes to purchasing a therapeutic laser. Take a look at our many research studies, including the Comparative Pillars Paper, and see for yourself why our FDA-cleared laser therapy devices are validated, optimized and unrivaled.

How Veterinary Laser Therapy Works: MR4 ACTIVet PRO

Learn about the science behind the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser for veterinary medicine, and how Multi Radiance technology is safer and more effective than high powered Class IV lasers.

Multi Radiance Veterinary Network Part 1: New Training and Marketing Dashboard for Veterinarians and Clients

Simply Tap In to the new Multi Radiance Veterinary Network with the power of Near Field Communication and your smartphone to access videos, tutorials, research and a whole lot more.

Multi Radiance Veterinary Network Part 2: How it Works with your Laser

Your laser comes equipped with a small electrical circuit that pulls up the Multi Radiance Veterinary Network dashboard when you simply tap in with a smart phone. Clients can take home the My Pet Laser and learn how it works through video tutorials available in the palm of their hand.

ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser Overview

Learn how to use the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to treat hundreds of veterinary conditions quickly, easily and safely.

How to Use the My Pet Laser

Learn how to use the 3 simple preset frequencies on Multi Radiance Medical's My Pet Laser, available for patient rental programs at veterinary clinics.

Trigger Point Probes for Laser Acupuncture

Each ACTIVet and ACTIVet PRO comes with 4 types of probes, which can be used to treat wounds, treat hard-to-reach areas, perform laser acupuncture, and more.

Allen Schoen, DVM | Solve Treatment Consistency Problems with Take Home Laser Therapy

Most veterinarians have experienced issues with consistency of treatments for conditions needing long term care. Clients can't make an appointment or something else comes up. Dogs and cats that get stressed going to the vet. Even the weather can delay a treatment. Multi Radiance Medical's Rent My Pet Laser program allows clients to administer laser therapy to pets in the comfort of home.

Sharon Classen, Equine Physiotherapist | Get Equine Athletes Back to Competition with Laser Therapy

Equine Physiotherapist Sharon Classen tells why she uses the Multi Radiance Veterinary ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to quickly and easily relieve pain, heal wounds, and help horses recover faster using our proven effective Super Pulsed Laser Therapy technology.

Arlene White, PT | Preventing Injury in Equine Athletes using Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

Arlene White, PT, describes her experience using Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy on equine athletes to prevent injuries and heal wounds.

Laser Therapy Showdown Part 1 - Multi Radiance Class 1 vs Class IV

Dr. John Charos and Dr. Frank DeFeis of Central Veterinary Associates in New York describe their experience testing Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy. Hear the reasons why they ultimately decided to switch from Class IV Laser Therapy to Class 1M Super Pulsed Laser Therapy.

Laser Therapy Showdown Part 2 - After 32 weeks, Multi Radiance Class 1 vs Class IV

After comparing Multi Radiance lasers to their previous Class IV laser therapy system, Dr. Charos & Dr. DeFeis have invested in 18 units and predict they will soon need more to keep up with demand. Watch as they explain their marketing plans and talk about the benefits that super pulsed laser provide over high powered Class IV lasers.

Laserpuncture with Class 1 - Meet Giovani, post back surgery rehab with Multi Radiance Lasers

Giovani's owners describe how Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy has reduced stiffness and increased mobility after suffering from degenerative joint disease and undergoing disc herniation surgery.

Carol Dobson, DVM | Multi Radiance Laser Therapy Review

Carol Dobson, DVM, from Scotland talks to J. Mark Strong at the 2017 London Vet Show about her experience with Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy over the past two years.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Start with Unwind Protocol | ACTIVet PRO

Always start with the Unwind Protocol to get the patient acclimated to laser. With the ACTIVet PRO, use 1000 Hz and slowly scan from the base of the skull to the tail, distal to the midline to hit nerve roots. Spread fur as needed to get laser as close to skin as possible.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Otitis & Ear Infections | ACTIVet PRO

ACTIVet PRO: 50 Hz for inflammation, 2 minutes per ear, use the Utility Probe attachment and hold static to treat the ear canal and outer ear. Control bacteria with blue light: 100% power, 2 minutes per ear, use the Utility Probe and hold static.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Mouth, Gums, Dental | ACTIVet PRO

Treat inflammation in the gums with the ACTIVet PRO Laser: 50 Hz, 2 minutes, slow scan with the Utility Probe along gum line in mouth. Control bacteria with the blue light setting: 100%, 1 minute, slow scan with Utility Probe along gum line in mouth.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Managing Animal Wounds with Blue Light | ACTIVet PRO

For wounds, select 50 Hz on the ACTIVet PRO and hover about a half inch above the wound site for 2-3 minutes. Then use the blue light mode at 100% and again hover over the wound site for 3 minutes to control bacteria.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Osteoarthritis | ACTIVet PRO

To treat one of the most common veterinary conditions, use the 50 Hz setting on the ACTIVet PRO laser. Slowly scan radially around the joints for 2 minutes and repeat on the other side.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Unwind Protocol on Specialized Training Dogs | ACTIVet PRO

To acclimate a specialized training dog to laser, use the ACTIVet PRO at 1000 Hz for 5-10 minutes, slowly scanning from the base of the skull down to the tail. Laser should be distal from the midline to hit nerve roots and avoid treating bone. Spread thick fur using the trigger point probes to get as close to the skin as possible for maximum benefit.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Arthritis | ACTIVet PRO and My Pet Laser

After scanning near the spine with the Unwind Protocol at 1000 Hz, treat arthritis by slowly scanning around and inside affected joints with 50 Hz using the ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser. Clients can do follow up treatments at home using the My Pet Laser rental unit.

Laser Therapy Protocol: ACL, Tendon and Cruciate Injuries | ACTIVet PRO and My Pet Laser

Use the 1-250 Hz Sweep setting on the ACTIVet PRO and slowly scan along the affected area to increase blood flow and generate ATP and new cells for a more complete healing. Clients can do at-home treatments with Setting #2 (250 Hz) on the My Pet Laser.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Swelling and Lymphatic Drainage | ACTIVet PRO

ACTIVet PRO: 1000 Hz, 2 minutes, slowly scanning around the periphery of the proximal lymph node. Then use the Woodpecker technique to apply and release pressure to help facilitate drainage.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Post-Op Incision Healing | ACTIVet PRO, My Pet Laser

Start with the ACTIVet PRO: 1-250 Hz, 2-3 minutes, slowly scanning and hovering a half inch above the incision site. Use blue light at 100% power, slowly scanning for 2 minutes at the incision site to control bacteria. At-home treatments with My Pet Laser: 1-250 Hz, 2-3 minutes scanning above the incision.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Bone Fractures and Increase Blood Flow | ACTIVet PRO and My Pet Laser

Use the 1-250 Hz setting and slowly scan with very light pressure or hover over the injury site for 2-3 minutes to promote healing of bone fractures in animals. Increase blood flow with photohemotherapy: Use 50 Hz for 2 minutes along nearby large vessels or arteries. For stress-free treatments at home with the My Pet Laser, clients can use 250 Hz setting.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Unwind Protocol | My Pet Laser

Relax your pet and get them ready for laser treatment with the Unwind Protocol. Using My Pet Laser Setting #3, slowly scan distal to the midline to hit the nerve roots of the spine (not over bone) for 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the animal.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Lick Granuloma and Tissue Repair | My Pet Laser

Use My Pet Laser Setting #2 (250 Hz for 5 min) and slowly hover the laser above a lick granuloma to reduce inflammation and heal the wound.

Laser Therapy Protocol: Unwind, Tissue Repair, Inflammation | My Pet Laser

Start with the Unwind Protocol to relax the animal. Use Setting #3, 1000-3000 Hz, and slowly scan from the base of the skull down to the tail, distal to the midline to hit nerve roots and avoid treating directly over bone. To treat post-op wounds or lick granulomas, use My Pet Laser Setting #2 at 250 Hz and treat around the affected area to promote tissue repair. For inflammation, use Setting #1 at 50 Hz and treat around the affected joints or areas.

Equine Laser Therapy Protocol: Nerve Roots and Irritation | MR4 ACTIVet

Reduce inflammation and nerve root irritation in horses with super pulsed laser therapy: use MR4 ACTIVet Setting #1, 50 Hz, 2-3 minutes of direct contact over the affected nerve roots.

Equine Laser Therapy Protocol: Sweeney Shoulder | ACTIVet

To treat Sweeney shoulder in horses with laser therapy, use the 50 Hz setting on the MR4 ACTIVet for nerve inflammation. Treat 2-3 minutes directly at the injury site.

Equine Laser Therapy Protocol: Acupuncture Points for COPD

To treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in horses with laser therapy: Set ACTIVet PRO to 1000 Hz. Use the Contact Technique: Hold the laser with firm, direct contact with the skin, at each acupuncture point. Treat 2 minutes per point.

Stimulatory vs. Inhibitory Frequencies and Unwind Protocol with the ACTIVet PRO

Louise Ballinger demonstrates the Unwind Protocol (1000 Hz, 5-10 min along the sides of the spinal cord) with the ACTIVet PRO for pain relief & relaxation. She also describes how to build a protocol by knowing the differences between Stimulatory and Inhibitory Frequencies. Stimulatory is less than 500 Hz, Inhibitory is 500 Hz and up.

Bart Halsberghe, DVM | Equine Laser Therapy Applications

Bart Halsberghe, DVM describes how he uses Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy in his practice: myofascial pain, back pain, acupuncture, wounds and more.

Heather Mack, DVM | Equine Laser Therapy Review

Heather Mack, DVM, explains how she has used Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy over the years in her equine practice: pain relief, soft tissue injuries, acupuncture points, healing wounds, pre-event conditioning, and a lot more. Multi Radiance provides unlimited tech support and marketing support to help you succeed in the laser therapy world, whether you're working on a few clients or you're renting a fleet of lasers every week.

Equine Laser Therapy: Sore Back, Idiopathic Swelling and Lameness in Racehorse | ACTIVet PRO

Louise Ballinger treats back soreness and a swollen and lame leg in this racehorse in 3 steps: relaxing with the Unwind Protocol, relieving pain and inflammation in the leg, and finishing with photohemotherapy to increase blood flow and oxygen in the leg.

Kyle Timm, Show Jumper and Trainer | Equine Laser Therapy Review

Show jumping competitor and horse trainer Kyle Timm describes how using super pulsed laser therapy on his grand prix horse Platinum helped her get back to winning.

Liz Halliday-Sharp, Professional Equestrian & Eventer | Equine Laser Therapy Review

Professional Equestrian Liz Halliday-Sharp explains how super pulsed laser therapy from Multi Radiance helps keep her horses in top shape before equestrian events like the Rolex.

Laser Therapy Review: How Pro Barrel Racer Amberley Snyder Manages Pain

After a rollover car accident left her legs paralyzed, Amberley Snyder was determined to get back to her nearly lifelong passion: riding horses and competing in barrel racing. Now, years later and after many championships won, Amberley talks about how laser therapy from Multi Radiance Medical has helped manage pain for both herself and her horses.

World Equestrian Games | Equine Laser Therapy for Pain and Blue Light for Infections

"Every barn should actually have a laser." Find out why Ann Marie Nagle of Columbus, Ohio loves laser therapy for her horses using Multi Radiance's ACTIVet PRO - especially the blue light for wounds and infections.

World Equestrian Games | Laser Therapy Review from Gloria Verrecchio, DVM

Gloria Verrecchio, DVM, was skeptical of the power of laser therapy at first, but she quickly realized how effective it was and how many more animals she could help.

World Equestrian Games | Jodi Loubser, Endurance Horse Therapist in South Africa

Endurance Horse Therapist Jodi Loubser of South Africa discusses how a portable laser like Multi Radiance's would benefit her work - especially because Multi Radiance technology is safe enough for use at FEI events.

World Equestrian Games | Equine Laser Therapy for Tendons, Muscle Strain, Osteoarthritis

Veterinarians Juan Carlos Garcia de Brigard and Steve Adair discuss how they use Multi Radiance super pulsed laser therapy on swelling, inflammation, pain, tendon injuries, muscle strain, osteoarthritis and more on the elite equine athletes at the World Equestrian Games.

World Equestrian Games | Laser Therapy for Dressage Horses

Horse Breeder Maryanna Haymon explains how she uses her Multi Radiance ACTIVet Laser for the elite equine athletes and riders at the World Equestrian Games: healing wounds, TMJ, muscle tightness, and more.

World Equestrian Games | Sharon Classen, Equine PT uses Multi Radiance Lasers on WEG Athletes

Sharon Classen, PT, ATC, CERP, oversaw all the physiotherapists at the World Equestrian Games to make sure the elite equine athletes and riders received the best medical treatment before, during, and after competitions.

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy Review: Barrel Horse Breeder Karen Grace Brown Campbell

Karen Grace Brown Campbell discusses how incorporating Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy into her treatment regimen for her barrel horses has helped heal wounds and relieve muscle pain in about half the time as traditional methods.

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy for Bucking Bulls | Rodeo Stock Contractors Tiffany and Jerome Davis

Rodeo stock contractors Tiffany and Jerome Davis talk about how they got started using Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy to treat pain, inflammation, horn infections and more in their bucking bulls and horses.

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy Review: Pro Barrel Racer Amberleigh Moore

Professional barrel racer Amberleigh Moore talks about how Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy has helped both her horse Paige and herself manage pain and recover from injury to be better prepped for competition.

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