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4 Ways the My Pet Laser Rental Program Can Help Your Veterinary Practice

French bulldog receives laser therapy treatment

(Photo credit: Iker Asteinza, DVM | Hospital Veterinario Animal Home)

Veterinary conditions like arthritis are common but can be difficult to manage. Pain, limping or other obvious indicators of pain are not always apparent, so it can be tough to identify cases early. Your veterinary practice has likely encountered many of these patients, and you and your staff know how frustrating it can be. Pets cannot explain exactly what hurts, but luckily, you don’t need to perform any invasive procedures to find out.

Movement-related issues in dogs, cats, horses, and more can be treated with pet laser therapy. Laser therapy involves a combination of clinically proven wavelengths of light that deeply penetrate tissue and kick start the healing process at the cellular level without overheating skin. In addition to arthritis, pet laser therapy can be used to treat acute and chronic injuries in pets, including:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Swelling resulting from back disc issues
  • Musculoskeletal abnormalities
  • Regenerating nerve tissue that may have been damaged during surgery
  • Wounds
  • Skin conditions like hot spots and lick granulomas

The use of this type of therapeutic laser in veterinary practices is expanding rapidly, not only because of its safety and ease of use, but also because of the tremendous efficacy. My Pet Lasers from Multi Radiance are FDA-cleared for home use with efficacy that is well-demonstrated in several peer-reviewed publications. Laser therapy treatments can give animals immediate and long-lasting improvement in comfort and mobility. And now veterinary practices across the country are adding My Pet Laser rental programs and lending multiple units out to clients for added convenience and compliance.

Beyond comfort for your patients, here are four benefits you can expect for your practice when incorporating My Pet Laser technology into your practice.

1. My Pet Laser is Convenient for Vets, Clients and Pets

Chronic conditions like arthritis usually require a series of treatments, and making it to the veterinary clinic every day isn’t always possible for clients. Sometimes life gets in the way, whether it’s work, the weather, traffic, kids’ sports games or something else. With the My Pet Laser Rental Program, you can treat pets in your practice using clinical lasers, and then send your client home with the easy-to-use My Pet Laser and a customized treatment plan. Now pet owners can treat their pets in the comfort of home, without the stress of visiting the clinic every day. And you as a vet know that pets are getting the full course of treatment they need to relieve chronic pain – it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

2. My Pet Laser Allows You to Treat Multiple Pet Conditions Easily

Beyond laser treatment for arthritis in dogs, the My Pet Laser allows your practice to treat many common veterinary conditions like tendon or soft tissue injuries, wounds, and more. Another benefit that the My Pet Laser can provide for pet owners as well as your practice overall is that, with pet laser therapy, there is no need to shave or clip the area to be treated. Animals also do not have to be sedated during treatment. Using the My Pet Laser is easy and pet owners find that administering laser therapy themselves allows for a greater human-animal bond.

3. My Pet Laser Comes with Very Little Operating Overhead Costs

The My Pet Laser Rental Program can give you access to high technology machines that you may not otherwise be able to afford for your practice. My Pet Lasers do not require calibrations or come with associated costs other than the cost of educating your practice as well as your patients – and the My Pet Lasers are very user-friendly with a variety pre-programmed settings.

4. My Pet Laser Can Help You Keep Up with Demand

Veterinary practices are busy places and offering pet laser therapy with My Pet Lasers can help you keep up with demand and generate additional monthly practice income. Having reliable and proven veterinary medical equipment can help you make up any ground you may have lost to Internet sellers or big box selling meds, spay and neuter clinics and other pet services, while also providing your clients’ pets with a drug-free and non-invasive pain relief method that works.

Pet laser therapy not only helps to treat symptoms, it also promotes healing in damaged tissue – all without drugs or side effects. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and being able to be a part of the healing process, and their pets will love the results.

Learn about how veterinarians can use laser therapy in every stage of care, from relieving pain to healing tissue to long-term care, with the Laser Therapy Continuum of Care.

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