Multi Radiance ACTIVet Super Pulsed Laser Included in "Equine Survival Kit"

February 22, 2018 - Equestrian Lauren Sprieser listed Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 ACTIVet Super Pulsed Laser as one of her must-have items on her My Equine Injury and Illness Survival Kit, published on The Chronicle of the Horse.

Since his leg injury in spring 2017, Sprieser and her horse Danny got to try out numerous products and therapies during his 9-month rehabilitation. She added her favorites to her Equine Injury and Survival Illness Kit, which also included acknowledgements to her veterinary team, friends and family.

“I’ve used my Multi-Radiance Medical cold laser for years to treat inflammation, swelling and pain...I’ve treated sore shoulders, a strained Achilles and even a sore throat with red light! But I’d not yet had a chance to play with the blue light, which kills bacteria and promotes wound healing,” Sprieser said about the ACTIVet Laser.

Read the full story on The Chronicle of the Horse.

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