Noah Would Have Wanted This in His Ark: Maya Foundation Rehabilitates Rescued, Injured Animals with the Help of Multi Radiance's Innovative Laser Therapy

Believer or non-believer, the story of Noah’s Ark is the greatest animal rescue of all time. Noah rescued land animals into his ark, saving them from extinction. The animals became fruitful and multiplied, roaming the earth with us humans and enriching our lives as companions and co-workers.

There are lots of Noahs roaming this earth in the form of animal rescuers. Jamie Vaughan at The Maya Foundation is one of them. Jamie is an American citizen from Virginia Beach, Virginia who believes that all living beings deserve care, love, and life. She is the founder of The Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Paro, Bhutan which welcomes any animal in need. Bordering Tibet, this is a part of the world where leopards and other wild animals still roam free, and attacks on livestock and dogs are not uncommon. But it is also a place where three-legged horses have prosthetics, and broken-legged animals are healed rather than killed. On just two and a half acres halfway around the world, more than 400 animals live together harmoniously - over 200 dogs, 20 cats, 35 cattle, 35 equines, 45 goats, 18 pigs, a wild boar, and even a near-endangered Himalayan vulture.

Bhutan is well known for its philosophy of GNH – Gross National Happiness – and Jamie sees the pursuit of Gross Animal Happiness as an integral part of that. “We, animals included, are all sentient beings equally deserving of respect, kindness, and compassion.” Her Barnyard strives to support those less fortunate and less cared for while encouraging and facilitating a happy and healthy coexistence between all species.

Tingkham, a four-year-old horse, was the victim of a hit and run on November 19, 2018. She sustained trauma to her abdomen, lost partial vision in her right eye and had serious leg injuries. After a comprehensive antibiotic course with the help of local vets to stabilize the young mare, Jamie started using a new super pulsing laser therapy to help heal Tingkham’s leg. Laser therapy is an FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-invasive alternative for pain relief and recovery in both humans and animals.

“We purchased this laser just last year thanks to a generous donation from a kind person to help an old partially paralyzed mule, Agay, who simply wasn’t responsive to any other treatments. It was honestly the last resort to save him. But after it did wonders for his mobility with just a couple of uses, we knew this would be an invaluable tool for other animals to come. Large animals cannot be down for a long time, so being able to treat deep nerve and muscle damage, and enormous wounds quickly, is not only cost saving but is often essential to saving their lives, period. So when it works on the most challenging big animal cases, you can only imagine the results on small animals,” said Jamie. 

Treating Tingkham the horse with super pulsed laser therapy

The FDA has cleared laser therapy for both healthcare professionals and in-home use to treat a wide range of chronic and acute medical conditions for animals. Jamie uses a super pulsed laser developed by Multi Radiance Medical, a Cleveland, Ohio leading manufacturer of laser technology used in over 30 countries around the globe. 

Super pulsed laser therapy uses a beam of focused red and infrared light that reaches deep below the skin to damaged cells. Like photosynthesis changes sunlight into food for plants, this focused far red, and near-infrared light stimulates cell regeneration, tissue repair, and increases blood flow, helping to kick start the healing process for an injury. This handheld device is directly applied to the skin or affected area for anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes at a time, depending on the condition being treated.

The laser can also treat acupuncture points using attachable probes that focus the light to those smaller, targeted areas. Multi Radiance Medical’s super pulsed laser therapy doesn’t burn skin and veterinarians usually notice their furry patients relaxing or falling asleep during treatments. Under the direction of their veterinarians, pet parents can also safely use laser therapy on pets in the comfort of home through laser therapy rental programs, eliminating the stress of multiple clinic visits.

Twisty, the kitten, came to the Barnyard after she’d been accidentally stepped on by someone coming down the stairs. Though nothing was broken, she was in considerable pain and remained flatly twisted on her back. And not even being able to lie on her stomach comfortably made eating and drinking near impossible.

“We were fearful of possible kidney and other organ damage and because comprehensive blood tests for animals are not available here, using the laser was the safer alternative to NSAIDs or corticosteroids,” says Jamie. With the laser treatment, the pain subsided, and her damaged muscles and nerves began regenerating. Twisty is already socializing with the other cats and getting stronger (and straighter) by the day.

Twisty the kitten gets a laser therapy treatment

Tommy is like many dogs in Bhutan, a ‘community’ dog – not quite stray, not quite a pet, but cared for by many – and he had the misfortune of running through an archery match at an inopportune time. It could have been much worse though, as the arrow narrowly missed his skull. As a happy wanderer with a non-critical injury (and the Barnyard is already at capacity with more serious animal injuries), Jamie is treating him whenever he can be found with the blue light to ward off possible infection and red light to promote healing. With the help of the laser and so many thoughtful Bhutanese looking after him, he’s back to being a free spirit and the guardian of many.

Tommy the dog received laser therapy for an arrow wound

Since venturing into the veterinary medicine world in 2011, Multi Radiance lasers have been adopted by thousands of veterinary professionals around the world as a safer, more effective alternative to traditional pharmacological treatments. 

“It’s gratifying to have so many talented and hardworking veterinarians and The Maya Foundation choose our technology to help save lives of countless injured animals,” said Max Kanarsky, Multi Radiance Founder and CEO. 

The Maya Foundation

About the Maya Foundation

The Maya Foundation is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and exists with the humble goal to help those less fortunate – animals and humans alike – through promoting and influencing more compassionate, comprehensive, and innovative health and veterinary care within Bhutan. With extremely limited local resources and funding, donations of any kind are deeply needed and appreciated. To donate to the Maya Foundation or to help with veterinary equipment, please visit their website, Facebook page, or contact

About Multi Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared super pulsed laser therapy devices for pain relief, wound healing, reducing inflammation and more in veterinary. Thousands of veterinary professionals around the world choose Multi Radiance technology for its research-proven safety and efficacy for relieving pain and accelerating recovery. The company’s super pulsed laser technology is FDA-cleared safe for home use, providing better pain relief outcomes to patients and pets. Please Contact Us or call 800-373-0955 to find a Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser practitioner renting laser therapy near you and learn more about veterinary super pulsed therapy here.

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