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Multi Radiance

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Veterinary Testimonials

Some of the finest names in the field, like Mimi Porter and her staff from The World Equestrian Games endorse Multi Radiance Medical Veterinary Laser Therapy solutions.


“We’re very impressed with the MR4 ACTIVet laser for equine physiotherapy..”

Kent Allen, DVM
Veterinary Services Director World Equestrian Games


“We have used the MR4 ACTIVet with success on many soft tissue conditions in sport horses to aid in reducing inflammation and stimulating the reparative processes. We have seen regional muscular benefits of relaxation and improved movement through laser treatment of the axial skeleton. It is easy-to-use for clients and well tolerated by the horses.”

Duncan Peters, DVM, Diplomate ACVSMR,
Therapy DirectorWorld Equestrian Games Michigan State University- Equine Lameness and Sports Medicine USEF Eventing High Performance Attending Veterinarian; FEI Treating Veterinarian


“Rental lasers have been a tremendous addition to our rehabilitation and acupuncture practice.  Having these safe and effective lasers available for home-use for our clients has helped us improve comfort and recovery times for many of our patients.  Owners enjoy being able to get involved and this gives them a way to help impact the healing process.  Not only do these rental lasers make for improved patient care, but they also make good business sense.  Our fleet of rentals just keeps growing!”

Jessica Rychel, DVM
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (DACVSMR), Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist, Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency & Rehabilitation Hospital


“The MR4 ACTIVet is a great way to help manage common injuries in equine athletes. It is user-friendly, safe and effective. I recommend it highly to my clients.”

Mark Revenaugh, DVM
Northwest Performance Equine
USEF, Head Vet, U.S. Eventing Team


“We have used the MR4 ACTIVet Laser in a 3 day-per-week protocol for our top endurance horses to keep them supple and comfortable while in a rigorous training program. My husband used it with great results following a work related injury to his own knee, and a friend used it for a shoulder problem until I forced him to return it so I could treat our horses. It is easy to use and I recommend it all the time.”

Meg Sleeper, VMD
DACVIM, Endurance Team '12 London '14 WEG, Section of Cardiology
Department of Clinical Studies University of Pennsylvania


“The MR4ActiVet has been a great tool in our practice over the past year.  I use the MR4ActiVet mostly for wound management, acute onset of swelling/oedema such as in tendinitis/desmitis, as well as anaphylactic reactions to yellow jacket/spider bites and combine laser acupuncture in horses that are needle shy or have a lot of myofascial tension that requires relaxation to improve the effect of other modalities. In those type of cases I have noticed such benefits that it has become part of my standard medical management of such patients often reducing the need of other medicine such as anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and different type of wound dressing. I have seen reduced healing times, as well as improvement in healing in some of those refractory cases unresponsive to a conventional approach.”

Bart Halsberghe, DVM
Peninsula Equine Medical Center


“I use the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser on every horse that I treat with acupuncture. It is very useful for the needle averse horse, for particularly sensitive acupuncture points and for trigger points. During show circuits, I often treat horsed more than once per week and incorporating the laser into every treatment helps keep the horses comfortable without getting sensitive to needles in areas that consistently need attention.”

Lori A. Bidwell, DVM, CVA Dipl. ACVA Anesthesia
Large Animal Clinical Services Michigan State University


“The promise of Laser therapy is fulfilled by Multi Radiance. Super Pulsing delivers results for my companion animal clients for wounds, post operative healing and especially elder dogs with painful osteo arthritis inflammation in their joints. Faster more complete healing with no side effects. So safe, my clients can use it in the relaxed comfort of their home environment. Multi Radiance has earned my endorsement!”

Allen M. Schoen, DVM,
Author, 'The Compassionate Equestrian’


“Our Multi Radiance Lasers are used in a number of domains. One, is neurology as part of multiple wave theory to get animals with some pretty bad neurologic disease moving a lot faster. Two, it accelerates wound healing both on the surface and deep in bone, tendon, ligament muscle and cartilage. We picked this Laser for several reasons. First, it’s Super Pulsed with multiple synergistic wave lengths and frequencies. Next, its Class 1M allows us to be extremely safe with our patients. I don’t have to worry about a tech accidentally burning a patient. The beauty of Multi Radiance Lasers? They obey the first principle I go by; do no harm. I highly recommend this company.”

Albert Nunez, DVM, Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park


“Class 4 lasers are very expensive and generate a lot more heat, creating a thermal burn potential. The MR4 Laser is a Class 1M. It has the power, with Super Pulse which does exactly what I need it to do, so I don’t have to go out and spend and big sum of money for a Class IV Laser when the MR4 gives me what I need for my practice.”

Dave Dysert, DVM
Affordable VetCare


“Multi Radiance Medical adds a safe effective new therapy for my patients. I use it for a wide range of conditions, especially arthritis.”

Stacey Huber, DVM
Owner, Oasis Animal Hospital


“This laser has changed my life. Being able to treat over 300 conditions without the use of medications or side-effects has changed my mobile practice. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase this laser sooner.”

Yukiko Kuwahara, DVM, DRIC
Colorado and California


“I have used it on painful anal glands with success, and have added it to my protocol after acupuncture for disc problems and have seen faster pain relief.”

Deb Brown, DVM
Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital


“ My vet and I agree that in today’s tough competition world you have to have an edge. The MR4 ACTIVet is my edge to keep my horses happy and healthy. I highly recommend Multi Radiance Veterinary!”

Dena Kirkpatrick
World-renowned barrel racing champion and clinician

Lisa Cawte-Baker: Laser Therapist, Certified Thermographer

Official Therapist - 100th Anniversary Calgary Stampede 2012

The MR4 ACTIVet is mere ounces in weight, and is truly portable which is in strict contrast to my last laser which was extremely heavy to carry, as well as clumsy to handle and use around horses.

The MR4 ACTIVet unit not only delivers instant pain relief, it does exactly what it claims – it delivers accelerated healing. Whether it be an open wound, a muscle spasm, suspensory injury, bowed tendon or a bucked shin (the list is endless!) the recoveries have been outstanding and complete.

The equine athletes I work on are all closely monitored by vets before they compete, whether it’s on the track or in the arena. Having their expertise oversee and check my work, not only confirms the horse has recovered and is a 100% fit, but the fact that the MR4 ACTIVet works, giving me peace of mind, that I am being effective in my role as equine therapist. It’s not my testimonial that counts, but that of the 100s of horses that I have worked on and have been healed quickly and efficiently by the MR4 ACTIVet! My words are more than an opinion, they are a true account of what I have seen and experienced. I believe that there are very few ailments or injuries that would not benefit (on some level) from the MR4 ACTIVet. I quite literally don’t leave home without it!


Multi Radiance Medical is a proud sponsor and official Laser Therapy provider for PRO, “the support organization for riders who want to compete and win.”

Congratulations to all the PRO riders who performed so well at 2014 The Fork Horse Trials, Norwood, NC, but especially to Multi Radiance Laser user Sinead Halpin for a hard fought win on Manoir de Carneville.

"As a trainer your goal is to have your horses giving you the best they are capable of in training and competition, In return I pledge to give the same in return. My Multi Radiance ACTIVet Laser keeps my horses feeling 100% and keeps me holding up my end of the bargain."

Sinead Halpin
2014 The Fork Horse Trials winner

For the safest, most advanced and effective Laser Therapy devices in the world, go with Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Lasers like the MR4 ACTIVet!

If you want the best support for your career as an Eventer, go with PRO


“The MR4 ACTIVet laser has been a super addition to my barn! As an Eventer, I’m always on the go with a number of horses. Having a product that not only is effective, but durable, easy to use and delivers great results without being too time consuming to use is a huge plus! It's a therapy tool that many of my friends have borrowed not only to use on their horse’s soreness and injuries, but also for themselves! I highly recommend it! ”

Jennie Brannigan
Eventing Champion


“Our horses’ well-being is always our top priority, and every day I see our Multi Radiance ActiVet laser being used I feel good that I made a great investment into the longevity, comfort and health of our equine partners ”

Kyle Timm
Trainer & Professional Rider at Apex Equestrian


“I can't tell you how awesome the MR4 was at the World Equestrian Games with Shamwari. After a brutal cross country, we lasered our boy all over, and he came out bursting with enthusiasm at the showjumping the next day. It is remarkable the difference it makes... ”

Boyd Martin


We first used the laser on a very difficult case with Edward, a blind cat with ataxia and an obsessive compulsive disorder. He over groomed and developed a wound on the top of his head. In the beginning we were able to treat the wound with topical medication but as the wound healed, he would begin scratching again.. READ MORE

Heather Burch
Brigid's Crossing Foundation, Inc


Multi Radiance Medical® ActiVet Laser ... is a cold laser that can be used on most injuries. Cuts heal more quickly, and by using the blue-light application, bacterial infection is greatly reduced. Reactive muscles can be treated effectively to reduce spasms and remove those sore, sensitive areas.”

World Class Grooming

Skyeler Icke-Voss, Angelica Run Eventing

I am so thrilled to have been introduced to Multi Radiance Medical’s laser therapy and it’s application to equine sports medicine. As a frequent FEI competitor, it is so valuable to me to be able to provide my horses pain relief and accelerated healing that abides by the strict drug rules both leading up to and during competition. Laser therapy does just that! The procedure is simple, convenient and most importantly non invasive. I have been using the TQ Solo portable laser for about one year and have found it useful for treating many equine injuries, from minor wounds to tendonitis and everything in between.

Most recently, my young training level horse, “Theo” has been greatly benefited by laser therapy.


“Theo” presented two separate times for acute right front lameness associated initially with a medial sesamoid bone impact trauma (sesamoiditis) and 2 weeks later, proximal inter-sesamoidian region superficial impact trauma/abrasion. We tested the efficacy of the laser by initially jogging “Theo” where he was graded a 3/5 RF lameness, after treating him with the TQ Solo laser, his lameness improved to a weak grade 2/5 lameness. It was clearly evident to all of us viewing “Theo” that the laser significantly improved his lameness score and by default must have decreased the inflammation and reduced the level of pain to his RF fetlock region.


Right Front Proximal Medial Sesamoid Impact Abrasion and Superficial Edema, moderate to severe sensitivity. Right Front Inter-Sesamoidian impact trauma/abrasion.


Laser Therapy: Variable setting with TQ Solo,
4x’s daily for 14 days
Surpass Topical Cream: 2x’s daily
Standing Wraps and Turnout Boots

Prognosis: Excellent

With the help of the TQ-Solo Portable laser, I am able to keep my horses in work and avoid a small injuries amounting into bigger issues. We all know horses are prone to injury, which is why we must always be on the lookout for new types of rehabilitation--- laser therapy has become extremely popular for human use and should be for horses as well.

"Indispensable Tool"


“This is the heart of Virginia horse country for upper level eventers. We cover hundreds of square miles and see a wide range of conditions and injuries. Our MR4 ACTIVet laser has proven to be a valuable modality to relieve pain and enhance healing. We’re seeing wound resolutions in two weeks that previously took five. Our Multi Radiance laser therapy is an indispensable tool for helping our equine athletes recover from injuries and return to perform at the highest levels.”

Dr’s. Chad and Stephanie Davis
Sport Horse Medicine Associates Clarke Equine Wellness and Performance

"No Time for Pain"



Contact: Jessica McDowell – Social Media (940) 327-8113

MINERAL WELLS, Texas - November 15, 2011For help with the aches and pains of starting young colts and riding every day, Three Time World Champion of Road to the Horse, Chris Cox, uses Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 ACTIVet laser to relieve all of his horses’ soreness and discomfort.The laser therapy technology helps to alleviate the pain in all of his horses’ stifles and hocks after a long day of working and riding on the Diamond Double C Ranch. The technology also heals and improves their athletic performance and health.What Chris favors the most are the benefits in using the laser therapy. This treatment is sideeffect free, easy-to-use, supports speedy healing and is safe and effective on all of his horses. It helps to promote healthy and strong cells in the horses with no downtime!Not only does Chris use it on his horses for their pain, but he even uses it on himself for his own neck and back. There’s no downtime for this horseman either!For more information about Chris Cox or to stay updated about him, visit www.chris-cox.com, on facebook at facebook.com/ChrisCoxHorsemanship

"It has Plenty of Power"


"We used the MR4 ACTIVet on competitors for muscle tension, pain, even a muscle tear. It reduced inflammation and swelling very effectively. It has plenty of power, but did not active a pain response when held in one place. I also love that it fits in my pocket!"

Mimi Porter
Equine, Therapy DirectorWorld Equestrian Games

"I am very impressed"


"Unbelievably effective is how I describe it! I've had lower lumbar pain on both sides for several weeks. I've been using a back stretching machine twice daily and had resorted to steroids trying to find some relief. Mark worked on my back with his MR4 ACTIV laser for about twenty minutes at the AVMA convention in St. Louis. I went back to see him an hour later to tell him my back was still better, much less pain. I am very impressed. I know a lot of people who are going to hear about this. Thank-you!"

Richard Brutus, DVM, Retired



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