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What is Super Pulsed Laser Therapy and How Does it Work?

Learn about the science behind Multi Radiance super pulsed laser technology and how it works to safely and effectively manage chronic and acute pain.

Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser Technology Explained

Multi Radiance Medical technology is proven safe and effective for pain relief and accelerated recovery, but how does it work? What exactly is light, and how can it be used for pain relief?

Who is Multi Radiance Medical?

Why choose Multi Radiance Medical for super pulsed laser therapy? Learn about what makes Multi Radiance the most popular therapeutic laser in the world.

How to Use the Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Laser Therapy System

Brent A. Ungar, DC shows how to get started with the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser System from Multi Radiance Medical.

How to Use the MR4 LaserStim Super Pulsed Laser

Watch to learn the scanning and treatment techniques of the LaserStim™ super pulsed laser with TARGET™ technology.

How to Introduce Laser Therapy into Your Practice

You just bought a laser, now how do you introduce laser therapy to your patients, staff and practice? Brent A. Ungar, DC, details how to get started with Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

MR4 ACTIV Portable Super Pulsed Laser

Find out why our most powerful cordless laser, the MR4 ACTIV, is used by clinicians all over the world for professional, college, and amateur athletes alike.

PainAway Post-Op: Laser Therapy at Home and Post-Surgery Recovery

Brent A. Ungar, DC, explains how he uses the Multi Radiance Medical PainAway Post-Op™ Super Pulsed Laser in his practice: renting to patients for further treatment at home due to scheduling issues or required maintenance, and for helping surgery patients recover faster.

Jay Greenstein DC using Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser

Sport & Spine Rehab's Jay Greenstein, DC, explains how Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers helped him manage pain and accelerate recovery after an Achilles tendon injury and subsequent surgery.

Super Pulsed Laser for Physical Therapy: Bob Donatelli, PhD, PT

Bob Donatelli, Ph.D., PT, explains why the MR4 ACTIV and the MR4 Ultra Package from Multi Radiance Medical are so essential to his practice.

GameDay Laser for Crossfit Training with Scott Panchik

Crossfit Games athlete Scott Panchik uses the GameDay Laser by Multi Radiance to Prepare, Perform and Recover during his intense training.

Using the GameDay Laser for Ironman Athletes, Sprints, Long Distance Running: Triathlon Coach Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards, owner and head coach of North Coast Endurance Coaching and head coach of the Cleveland State University triathlon team, describes how the Multi Radiance GameDay Laser helps his athletes prepare, perform and recover from intense training.

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT: Multi Radiance for Enhanced Sports Performance

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. Ph.D., PT, has tested over 15 brands of laser for sports performance enhancement and exercise restitution. Watch to see why he prefers Multi Radiance Medical.

Research: Using Phototherapy to Prevent Fatigue with Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior

Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior discusses how his research in phototherapy shows that using low level laser therapy before exercise prevents injury, enhances performance, and accelerates recovery in athletes.

Research: Laser Therapy and Strength Training

Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT reviews "What is the Best Moment to Apply Phototherapy When Associated to a Strength Training Program?" a study in which researchers tested whether laser therapy was more effective before, after, or before and after exercise.

Research: Photobiomodulation for Skeletal Muscle Performance

Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT reviews the study in which researchers found that applying Multi Radiance laser before exercise improved performance and accelerated recovery.

Research: Photobiomodulation Improves Performance in Rugby Players

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the research study "Phototherapy Improves Performance & Accelerates Recovery in Rugby Players" in which researchers used photobiomodulation to treat rugby players.

Research: Super Pulsed Laser and Light Emitting Diodes on Knee Pain

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the study "Combination of Super Pulsed Laser and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Phototherapy on Non-Specific Knee Pain" in which 76 patients were treated with either a placebo or a combination of Super Pulsed Laser and LEDs, using Multi Radiance Medical technology and the Priority Principle.

Research: Photobiomodulation vs. Cryotherapy for Skeletal Muscle Restitution

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the study that investigates whether placebo, isolated PBMT, isolated cryotherapy, or a combination of both therapies is best for skeletal muscle restitution. Watch the find out the study results.

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy Research

Why do we conduct so much research? So you can make the best decision on how to spend your hard earned money when it comes to purchasing a therapeutic laser. Take a look at our many research studies, including the Comparative Pillars Paper, and see for yourself why our FDA-cleared laser therapy devices are validated, optimized and unrivaled.

ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser Overview

Learn how to use the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to treat hundreds of veterinary conditions quickly, easily and safely.

Unwind Protocol with the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser

Learn how to get your animal patient acclimated to laser and relaxed with pain relieving laser therapy using the Unwind Protocol and the ACTIVet PRO.

Treat Osteoarthritis in Pets with the ACTIVet PRO

Treat osteoarthritis in dogs and cats quickly, easily, and safely using the ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser.

Managing Animal Wounds with the ACTIVet PRO

The ACTIVet PRO features 300% more blue light than the original ACTIVet. Watch how blue light is used to safely manage common pet wounds like lick granulomas without drugs or side effects.

Unwind Protocol on Specialized Training Dogs with ACTIVet PRO

Learn how to use the ACTIVet PRO and the Unwind Protocol to relax and acclimate training dogs to laser therapy and keep them in top performance condition.

How to Use the My Pet Laser

Learn how to use the 3 simple preset frequencies on Multi Radiance Medical's My Pet Laser, available for patient rental programs at veterinary clinics.

Treat Inflammation and Wounds with the My Pet Laser

The My Pet Laser treats inflammation, repairs tissue, and relieves pain and swelling in pets, all in the comfort of home with a custom treatment plan designed by the veterinarian.

Trigger Point Probes for Laser Acupuncture

Each ACTIVet and ACTIVet PRO comes with 4 types of probes, which can be used to treat wounds, treat hard-to-reach areas, perform laser acupuncture, and more.

Get Equine Athletes Back to Competition with Laser Therapy: Sharon Classen, Equine Physiotherapist

Equine Physiotherapist Sharon Classen tells why she uses the Multi Radiance Veterinary ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to quickly and easily relieve pain, heal wounds, and help horses recover faster using our proven effective Super Pulsed Laser Therapy technology.

Preventing Injury in Equine Athletes using Super Pulsed Laser Therapy: Arlene White, PT

Arlene White, PT, describes her experience using Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy on equine athletes to prevent injuries and heal wounds.

Laser Therapy Showdown Part 1 - Multi Radiance Class 1 vs Class IV

Dr. John Charos and Dr. Frank DeFeis of Central Veterinary Associates in New York describe their experience testing Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy. Hear the reasons why they ultimately decided to switch from Class IV Laser Therapy to Class 1M Super Pulsed Laser Therapy.

Laser Therapy Showdown Part 2 - After 32 weeks, Multi Radiance Class 1 vs Class IV

After comparing Multi Radiance lasers to their previous Class IV laser therapy system, Dr. Charos & Dr. DeFeis have invested in 18 units and predict they will soon need more to keep up with demand. Watch as they explain their marketing plans and talk about the benefits that super pulsed laser provide over high powered Class IV lasers.

Laserpuncture with Class 1 - Meet Giovani, post back surgery rehab with Multi Radiance Lasers

Giovani's owners describe how Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy has reduced stiffness and increased mobility after suffering from degenerative joint disease and undergoing disc herniation surgery.

Carol Dobson, DVM - Multi Radiance Laser Therapy Review

Carol Dobson, DVM, from Scotland talks to J. Mark Strong at the 2017 London Vet Show about her experience with Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy over the past two years.

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