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Multi Radiance

Call to order now! In USA and Canada (877) 542.0761 International +1 440.542.0761

Proven, Powerful, Safe, and Easy to Use, Multi Radiance MR4 ACTIVet™, My Pet Laser™ and new ACTIVet PRO™ Super Pulsed Lasers are the perfect fit for any Veterinary Practice.

Welcome to Multi Radiance Medical's Veterinary Division

Multi Radiance Medical's Veterinary Laser Therapy devices provide accelerated pain relief and healing. This safe and powerful technology is applied with a hand-held applicator providing targeted Super Pulsed Laser light that stimulates cell regeneration.Throughout the world, cold Laser Therapy is used to relieve acute/chronic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, muscle strain, bursitis, tendonitis, and other injuries in humans, now we're bridging the gap and offering safe and effective for all aspects of Veterinary care.

Advanced technology such as the LaserStim™ is the world's first FDA cleared device that combines Laser Therapy and E-Stim. The LaserStim emitter identifies optimal treatment areas, and provides highly targeted healing laser treatment. This is one example of a full range of sophisticated, yet cost-effective Super Pulsed laser products. Multi Radiance Medical is an international corporation with a presence in over 30 countries and has been servicing customers for 20 years.

Treat 100's of conditions

Learn Why Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers Are the Best

Treatment without limitations, Redefining Deep Tissue Therapy, Less Is more

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Portable, Safe, Super Pulsed Laser

Multi Radiance lasers are now available for companion pets, horses and exotic wildlife. All the power of the MR4 unit - now available in pocket-sized convenience. Drug-free pain relief that is easy-to-use, effective and versatile enough to manage a wide range of conditions. Lasers have gone mainstream, do you have it? Get the Multi Radiance Advantage for yourself with our new Veterinary Lasers.


The ACTIVet PRO™, a cordless, ultra-portable laser therapy system and successor to the ACTIVet™, sets a new standard for veterinary laser therapy. The synchronous use of high power Super Pulsed Laser (GaAs 905 nm), and ultra-bright infrared, red and blue LEDs (875 nm, 640 nm and 465 nm) optimizes the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate healing and reduce pain.


The ACTIVet™ Cordless Super Pulsed Laser provides treatment options and safety not possible with Lasers that produce Class IV thermal side effects. The POWER to treat even deep tissue conditions, the SAFETY to use anywhere! It comes with a protective travel silicone sleeve and set of Acupuncture/Trigger Point Probes.

My Pet Laser™

Reduce pet stress. Veterinarians just like you are now renting our safe and highly effective lasers to their clients and generating thousands every month in passive income. The My Pet Laser™ features 15,000mW of Peak Super Pulsed Power and has 3 standard settings designed to treat common conditions.

"I have used it on painful anal glands with success, and have added it to my protocol after acupuncture for disc problems and have seen faster pain relief."

Deb Brown, DVM
Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital

"The promise of Laser Therapy is fulfilled by Multi Radiance. It's so safe, my clients can use it in the relaxed comfort of their home. Multi Radiance has earned my endorsement!"

Allen M. Schoen, DVM
Author, "The Compassionate Equestrian"

Advances in Fighting Infection and Wound Care

DVM Kenneth J. Kopp gives a lecture on Advances in Fighting Infection and Wound Care




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