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Multi Radiance

Call to order now! In USA and Canada (877) 542.0761 International +1 440.542.0761

World's Most Sophisticated Laser Technology

Electrical Stimulation (LaserStim)
Star Magnetic Field
Pulsed Red Light
Pulsed Broadband Infrared SLDs
Super Pulsed Laser

  • Pioneers in Infrared Magnetic Laser Treatment Technology
  • 905nm GaAs, the most researched and substantiated laser wavelengths
  • Over 400,000 sold worldwide
  • Safest laser classification
  • High power without hazardous thermal effect
  • Most extensive family of products
  • Non-Toxic
  • Very Safe
  • Virtually No Contraindications
  • Cost Effective for Practitioner or Patient
  • Non-Invasive
  • Highly Effective for Patient
  • Easy to Apply
  • No Side Effects
  • Alternative to: Analgesics,
    NSAID's, Other Medication, Other Modalities
The Multi Radiance Cascade Energy Effect™ and LaserSweep™.

The Multi Radiance Cascade Energy Effect™ uses a sophisticated software algorithm to synergize multiple wavelengths that allows for tissue penetration at different levels. LaserSweep™ changes the number of pulses emitted per second to scan target tissue from superficial to deep, preventing bodily adaptation and resilience to its treatment effects. This, combined with the global experience and outstanding educational capabilities of Multi Radiance Medical, makes the decision of buying a therapeutic modality easy. We have the "know-how" and even more importantly, the "how-to" . We are recognized as the best in converting that knowledge into clinical skill sets for you.

Discover Pain Relief that travels with you. The MR4 Activ™ Super Pulsed Laser has 25,000 mW of power, more than most Class IV lasers with a higher degree of safety.

LaserStim™ the World's First FDA cleared device that combines Laser Therapy and E-Stim.

TARGET™ Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser- Safe, Powerful, Effective and Affordable.

Multi Radiance Technology Explained

Since its beginnings as a Space Age invention over 30 years ago, our technology was designed and refined specifically for non-invasive application. It synergistically matches a unique and proprietary combination of radiances each designed for a particular pathway in the blue-red-near infrared light window. Click below to learn more.


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