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My Pet Laser

Reduce pet stress and enhance practice income. Veterinarians can now rent My Pet Lasers to clients to deliver pain relief in the comfort of home. 


Press Room: Laser Therapy: An Important Instrument for Chiropractors, by Dr. Patrick Gentempo

- the MR4 LaserStim is the world’s first FDA-cleared combination of laser, neuro-adaptive e-stim and biofeedback TARGET technology. It is designed for clinicians with patients who suffer with chronic pain and pain associated with acute injuries. The KC Royal’s award winning training staff also

Video: How to Introduce Laser Therapy into Your Practice

You just bought a laser, now how do you introduce laser therapy to your patients, staff and practice? Brent A. Ungar, DC, details how to get started with Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

Category: Chiropractic

LaserStim™ with TARGET ™ Revolutionizes Super Pulsed Laser Technology Our Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology™ (TARGET) constantly scans and measures tissue for pain points and automatically gives the proper dosage of laser energy, allowing for more accurate treatment

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Video: Unwind Protocol with the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser

Learn how to get your animal patient acclimated to laser and relaxed with pain relieving laser therapy using the Unwind Protocol and the ACTIVet PRO.

Video: How to Use the My Pet Laser

Learn how to use the 3 simple preset frequencies on Multi Radiance Medical's My Pet Laser, available for patient rental programs at veterinary clinics.

Video: How to Use the MR4 LaserStim Super Pulsed Laser

Watch to learn the scanning and treatment techniques of the LaserStim™ super pulsed laser with TARGET™ technology.

Video: ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser Overview

Learn how to use the MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to treat hundreds of veterinary conditions quickly, easily and safely.

Video: Trigger Point Probes for Laser Acupuncture

Each ACTIVet and ACTIVet PRO comes with 4 types of probes, which can be used to treat wounds, treat hard-to-reach areas, perform laser acupuncture, and more.

Video: MR4 ACTIV Portable Super Pulsed Laser

Find out why our most powerful cordless laser, the MR4 ACTIV, is used by clinicians all over the world for professional, college, and amateur athletes alike.

Video: GameDay Laser for Crossfit Training with Scott Panchik

Crossfit Games athlete Scott Panchik uses the GameDay Laser by Multi Radiance to Prepare, Perform and Recover during his intense training.

Video: Treat Inflammation and Wounds with the My Pet Laser

The My Pet Laser treats inflammation, repairs tissue, and relieves pain and swelling in pets, all in the comfort of home with a custom treatment plan designed by the veterinarian.

Video: How to Use the Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Laser Therapy System

Brent A. Ungar, DC shows how to get started with the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser System from Multi Radiance Medical.

Video: Research: Laser Therapy and Strength Training

Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT reviews "What is the Best Moment to Apply Phototherapy When Associated to a Strength Training Program?" a study in which researchers tested whether laser therapy was more effective before, after, or before and after exercise.

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GET BACK IN THE GAME Join the increasing number of athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians who use our Super Pulsed Lasers as a regular part of their treatment programs. Find the right laser package to get your athletes back in the game.

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Press Room: MR4 Laser Improves Sports Injury Recovery Time

For Immediate Release April 28, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Getting back on the field quicker and healthier is what sports injury rehabilitation is all about. Leading major sports athletic trainers credit new benefits made possible with laser therapy equipment by Multi Radiance Medical with getting

Category: Physical Therapy

DISCOVER THE MULTI RADIANCE DIFFERENCE Find the right laser package for your practice and get your patients back to their normal daily routines by using our clinically proven Super Pulsed Laser technology. You can improve your patient outcomes and your practice without breaking the bank. Multi

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Video: Laser Therapy Showdown Part 1 - Multi Radiance Class 1 vs Class IV

Dr. John Charos and Dr. Frank DeFeis of Central Veterinary Associates in New York describe their experience testing Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy. Hear the reasons why they ultimately decided to switch from Class IV Laser Therapy to Class 1M Super Pulsed Laser Therapy.

Video: Research: Super Pulsed Laser and Light Emitting Diodes on Knee Pain

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT, reviews the study "Combination of Super Pulsed Laser and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Phototherapy on Non-Specific Knee Pain" in which 76 patients were treated with either a placebo or a combination of Super Pulsed Laser and LEDs, using Multi Radiance Medical

Video: What is Super Pulsed Laser Therapy and How Does it Work?

Learn about the science behind Multi Radiance super pulsed laser technology and how it works to safely and effectively manage chronic and acute pain.

Video: Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy Research

Why do we conduct so much research? So you can make the best decision on how to spend your hard earned money when it comes to purchasing a therapeutic laser. Take a look at our many research studies, including the Comparative Pillars Paper, and see for yourself why our FDA-cleared laser therapy

Press Room: Laser Therapy Applications in Sports Medicine

Must know facts about laser-light-photo therapy For Immediate Release: February 9, 2016 – (SOLON, Ohio) – EXCERPT: Participation in high school sports helps promote a physically active lifestyle. High school sports participation has grown from an estimated 4 million participants during the 1971-72

Category: General Medicine

THE MULTI RADIANCE DIFFERENCE Discover how Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers can improve outcomes and functional gains, allowing your patients to tolerate more intensive therapy techniques earlier in the rehabilitation process. Find the perfect laser package for your practice to get your patients

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Video: Carol Dobson, DVM - Multi Radiance Laser Therapy Review

Carol Dobson, DVM, from Scotland talks to J. Mark Strong at the 2017 London Vet Show about her experience with Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy over the past two years.

Video: Get Equine Athletes Back to Competition with Laser Therapy: Sharon Classen, Equine Physiotherapist

Equine Physiotherapist Sharon Classen tells why she uses the Multi Radiance Veterinary ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser to quickly and easily relieve pain, heal wounds, and help horses recover faster using our proven effective Super Pulsed Laser Therapy technology.

Video: Preventing Injury in Equine Athletes using Super Pulsed Laser Therapy: Arlene White, PT

Arlene White, PT, describes her experience using Multi Radiance Veterinary Laser Therapy on equine athletes to prevent injuries and heal wounds.

Press Room: Health Canada Approves Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Laser Devices

July 18, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical, an international laser company, is pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved the MR4 laser therapy devices for use in Canada. This approval through Therapeutic Products Directorate of the Medical Devices Bureau of Health Canada

Video: PainAway Post-Op: Laser Therapy at Home and Post-Surgery Recovery

Brent A. Ungar, DC, explains how he uses the Multi Radiance Medical PainAway Post-Op™ Super Pulsed Laser in his practice: renting to patients for further treatment at home due to scheduling issues or required maintenance, and for helping surgery patients recover faster.

Press Room: Parker University Enhances Student Education with Multi Radiance MR4 Laser Devices

June 2, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical, an international medical device company, is pleased to announce that Parker University is using Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 laser devices in educational and clinical settings. “Partnerships like this are extremely important to us because

Video: Laser Therapy Showdown Part 2 - After 32 weeks, Multi Radiance Class 1 vs Class IV

After comparing Multi Radiance lasers to their previous Class IV laser therapy system, Dr. Charos & Dr. DeFeis have invested in 18 units and predict they will soon need more to keep up with demand. Watch as they explain their marketing plans and talk about the benefits that super pulsed laser

Press Room: Logan College of Chiropractic Uses Multi Radiance Medical Laser Devices to Enhance Student’s Education and Skills

For Immediate Release: March 21, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical, an international laser company, is pleased to announce that Logan College of Chiropractic (Logan) will instruct their students with MR4 Ultra super pulsed lasers.  Logan faculty and students will use the Multi Radiance

Press Room: LIFE University Teaches Students with Multi Radiance Laser Devices

For Immediate Release June 24, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical (MRM), an international laser medical device company, is pleased to announce that LIFE University (LIFE) is using Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 laser devices for instructional and clinical environments. Joe Haezebrouck

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical’s GameDay Super Pulsed Laser Optimizes Athletic Performance

that GameDay Super Pulsed Laser gives athletes a competitive edge during preparation, performance and recovery. About one year ago, MRM began working with prominent researcher Ernesto Leal-Junior, Ph.D. PT, a professor at Nove de Julho University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and world-renowned phototherapy expert

Video: Using the GameDay Laser for Ironman Athletes, Sprints, Long Distance Running: Triathlon Coach Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards, owner and head coach of North Coast Endurance Coaching and head coach of the Cleveland State University triathlon team, describes how the Multi Radiance GameDay Laser helps his athletes prepare, perform and recover from intense training.

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Teams with Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society as Exclusive Laser Therapy Sponsor

For Immediate Release   October 30, 2017 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Leading super pulsed laser therapy manufacturer Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) has teamed up with the Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society (PHCS) as the exclusive sponsor in the laser therapy category. PHCS is an organization of highly

Press Room: Introducing the MR4 ACTIV: the World’s Most Advanced Portable Laser Device for only $99 a month

For Immediate ReleaseMarch 7, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical’s laser devices provide accelerated pain relief. Now, we are pleased to announce that we have launched the MR4 ACTIV - the most advanced portable laser available. Key features include: Infrared laser, pulsing red and blue


Super Pulsed Laser Difference Anchored in Science: The most optimal mechanism for laser treatment, providing maximum photonic density without hazardous thermal effect. What is true super pulsing? Do not confuse the “pulsing” of continuous wave lasers with the super pulsed technology

Press Room: New York Chiropractic College to use Multi Radiance MR4 Laser Devices, Names Classroom After Multi Radiance Medical

For Immediate Release August 10, 2010 – (SOLON, Ohio) – New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) uses, and will continue to use Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 laser devices as teaching aids as well as for treatment in the College’s clinics. NYCC selectively evaluates products and services prior

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Announces a Significant Published Study on MR4 Super Pulsed Laser Technology and Its Effects on COPD

For Immediate Release: November 11, 2014 – (SOLON, Ohio) – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Multi Radiance Medical announces the publication of a recent clinical study about the impact of the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser on the exercise in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The study

Press Room: Racer Chris Christoferou Chose MR4 ACTIV Laser to Alleviate Pain After Major Spill

originally advised he would be out for 3-4 months before driving again. Chris chose to use the Multi Radiance Medical MR4 ACTIV laser to alleviate the pain and promote healing in his ribs and collar bone and is now returning after 5 weeks of intense laser therapy. “I started feeling less pain after 3-4

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical's GameDay Super Pulsed Laser Offers Athletes Alternative to Prescription Painkillers

, president and CEO, MRM, pointing to the GameDay Super Pulsed Laser, which offers safe, convenient pain relief to help reduce and eliminate reliance on painkillers. “Clearly, this study indicates that preventive treatment and alternative forms of pain relief are needed. More than 4,000 published

Press Room: Crain's Cleveland Business reports on Multi Radiance Medical's Technology, Growth in the Super Pulsed Laser Device Market

of the company's explosive growth since 2006, the article delved into the beginnings of the technology behind the company's line of non-invasive, super-pulsed laser equipment. The Crain's feature also discussed how the company's product line has expanded beyond its core business of physical therapy

Press Room: Ken Breath of OrthoCarolina treats NASCAR driver Daniel Suarez with a Multi Radiance MR4 ACTIV laser

behind the wheel. Article: Racecar Driving Can Take a Toll on the Body About Multi Radiance Medical Multi Radiance Medical is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief. This proprietary technology is considered the safest laser on the market


THE NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION Our FDA, CE and Health Canada cleared laser devices are safe, natural and drug-free. Multi Radiance technology has a track record of over 20 years in over 30 countries. This growing portfolio of devices and methodologies provide support and enhance therapies

Video: Who is Multi Radiance Medical?

Why choose Multi Radiance Medical for super pulsed laser therapy? Learn about what makes Multi Radiance the most popular therapeutic laser in the world.

Our Story

Our Story Necessity has been called the mother of invention. Such is the case with the remarkable story behind the development of the world’s leading Super Pulsed Laser technology. Its roots go back to the late 1970s as a project of the Moscow Power Engineering Bureau. The Bureau was comprised


THE NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared super pulsed laser devices, which are used throughout the world to provide temporary pain relief associated with back pain, muscle spasms, arthritis pain, elbow pain, muscle strain and other conditions

About Us

Welcome to world class lasers Multi Radiance Medical's Super pulsed Laser Technology is in the safest classification of lasers and its efficacy has been validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments and in clinical practice. A Scientific Monograph, written in conjunction

Video: Treat Osteoarthritis in Pets with the ACTIVet PRO

Treat osteoarthritis in dogs and cats quickly, easily, and safely using the ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser.


pharmacies. The ERP Group ERP Group is a distributor of physical rehabilitation & patient care products. Offering you a full range of equipments and supplies for physical therapy. NAALT The purpose of NAALT is to be a forum for Laser Therapy users in the North American regions (Mexico

Video: Unwind Protocol on Specialized Training Dogs with ACTIVet PRO

Learn how to use the ACTIVet PRO and the Unwind Protocol to relax and acclimate training dogs to laser therapy and keep them in top performance condition.

Video: Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser Technology Explained

Multi Radiance Medical technology is proven safe and effective for pain relief and accelerated recovery, but how does it work? What exactly is light, and how can it be used for pain relief?

Video: Jay Greenstein DC using Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser

Sport & Spine Rehab's Jay Greenstein, DC, explains how Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers helped him manage pain and accelerate recovery after an Achilles tendon injury and subsequent surgery.

Video: Super Pulsed Laser for Physical Therapy: Bob Donatelli, PhD, PT

Bob Donatelli, Ph.D., PT, explains why the MR4 ACTIV and the MR4 Ultra Package from Multi Radiance Medical are so essential to his practice.

Event: Integrating Laser Therapy & Acupuncture: VMX Breakfast Presentation with Allen Schoen, DVM


February 4, 2018 | 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.OCCC South Concourse, Room S321 | Orlando, FL

Press Room: Study: Multi Radiance Medical is better than Class IV lasers for enhancing athletic performance, accelerating recovery

May 9, 2017 (SOLON, Ohio) - Multi Radiance Medical's MR4 super pulsed laser better enhances athletic performance and recovery compared to Class IV lasers, according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Athletic Training. Dr. Thiago De Marchi, et al. from the University

Testimonial for MR4 PRO Sport Package: by Nick Kenney

"The MR4 laser has become an integral tool in the maintenance and rehabilitation of our players." 

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet: by Kent Allen

“We’re very impressed with the MR4 ACTIVet laser for equine physiotherapy.”

Video: Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. PhD, PT: Multi Radiance for Enhanced Sports Performance

Ernesto Leal-Junior, Prof. Ph.D., PT, has tested over 15 brands of laser for sports performance enhancement and exercise restitution. Watch to see why he prefers Multi Radiance Medical.

Video: Research: Using Phototherapy to Prevent Fatigue with Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior

Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior discusses how his research in phototherapy shows that using low level laser therapy before exercise prevents injury, enhances performance, and accelerates recovery in athletes.

Video: Research: Photobiomodulation for Skeletal Muscle Performance

Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT reviews the study in which researchers found that applying Multi Radiance laser before exercise improved performance and accelerated recovery.

Video: Laserpuncture with Class 1 - Meet Giovani, post back surgery rehab with Multi Radiance Lasers

Giovani's owners describe how Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Therapy has reduced stiffness and increased mobility after suffering from degenerative joint disease and undergoing disc herniation surgery.


in this Agreement are not transferrable or available to any other Customer or user subsequent to this initial Customer. 2 (two) years (parts and labor only) on new Products. Ninety (90) days on repaired Products. Laser diodes are considered wear items and are not covered by warranty for wear

Press Room: Nick Kenney Receives Major League Baseball's Top Athletic Trainer Award

Dick Martin Award Recognizes Kansas City Royals as Healthiest MLB Team of 2011 Season Nick Kenney of the Kansas City Royals uses MR4 Super Pulsed Laser from Multi Radiance Medical FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 18, 2011 – (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) – Nick Kenney and the Kansas City Royals’ medical staff

Press Room: Palmer College of Chiropractic Teaches Students with Multi Radiance MR4 Lasers

For Immediate Release March 29, 2011 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical, an international laser medical device company, is pleased to announce that Palmer College of Chiropractic will instruct their students with MR4 super pulsed lasers. Steve Querio, D.C., a 1993 alumnus, had the honor

Press Room: Multi Radiance Announces Continuation of Official Corporate Sponsorship with Activator Methods for the 5th Year

For Immediate Release September 13, 2013 – (Solon, OH) – Multi Radiance Medical (MRM), an international laser device manufacturer, and Activator Methods International®, developer of the world’s first instrument-based, low-force chiropractic technique, announce continuation of their official

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Joins Activator Methods International as Platinum Sponsor

For Immediate Release: July 10, 2017 (SOLON, Ohio) — The leading laser therapy device manufacturer Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) announces its continued association with Activator Methods International® as a Platinum Sponsor of the upcoming Activator Methods Global Leadership Conference

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Technology Utilized by Sports Champions

Radiance is also proud that 5 consecutive Stanley Cup™ Champions have chosen our technology and have integrated it into their training regimen,” Kanarsky added. The MR4 Super Pulsed Laser Technology is the Global Leader in Sports Laser Technology: 25,000 mW of Super Pulsed Laser Power, more than most

Press Room: Creating a New Passive Practice Income Opportunity for Podiatrists

For Immediate Release:   October 14, 2014 – (SOLON, Ohio) – The Multi Radiance Medical PainAway Post-Op™ is a cordless, ultra-portable laser therapy system designed for post-operative pain management and patient care. It consists of a synchronous multi-wavelength, photobiomodulation device

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Teams with Sport and Spine Rehab to help patients “Work Better, Play Harder”

February 2, 2017 (SOLON, Ohio) - Sport and Spine Rehab, a world class chiropractic and physical therapy provider with 6 clinics in the Washington DC metro area, has teamed with Multi Radiance Medical to offer state-of-the-art laser therapy to its patients. Dr. Jay Greenstein, Chief Executive

Testimonial for Pain Management Package: by Nosson S. Goldfarb

"As a doctor, I've been treating patients for 13 years. In our offices, we've been using laser technology to treat acute and chronic pain. I highly recommend the laser because it will help your pain go away."

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Partners with US Equestrian Federation

 (USEF). During equestrian competitions, attending veterinarians will use the hand-held MR4 ACTIVet Laser System, the most advanced medical device on the market for accelerating pain relief from a wide range of equine conditions. “The MR4 ACTIVet is both safe and powerful. Its cordless and lightweight

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Announces New MR4 DLS Hands Free Therapy System

. The MR4 LaserShower emitter is equipped with 4-6 905nm super pulsed laser diodes and provides treatment area coverage of 20 cm2, which is ideal for treating the spine and large muscle groups. The Magna Cart’s flexible armatures allow emitters to be secured in any position on a patient’s body so

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Partners with LIFE University

For Immediate Release January 7, 2012 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical and LIFE University (LIFE) are announcing a multi-year partnership agreement focusing on clinical research. LIFE will conduct multiple clinical studies via the LIFE University Sports Science Institute on using laser

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical’s LaserStim™ Provides Foot Pain Relief

Laser and Electrical Stimulation Improves Clinical Outcomes, Optimizes DPM Treatment For Immediate Release: March 4, 2014 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical (MRM), manufacturer and marketer of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief, announces that the LaserStim™, the first and only FDA

Press Room: Multi Radiance Publishes a New Scientific Monograph: The Comparative Pillars Paper

, with the first clearances granted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since that introduction, PBM or low-level laser/light therapy (LLLT) continues to gain popularity among physicians and therapists and has proven to be a superior adjunct or mono therapy in rehabilitation. Extensive research

Press Room: The American Chiropractor Magazine features New Scientific Monograph The Comparative Pillars Paper

in 2002, with the first clearances granted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since that introduction, PBM, or low-level laser/light therapy (LLLT), continues to gain popularity among physicians and therapists, as it has proven to be a superior adjunct or mono therapy in rehabilitation

Testimonial for GameDay: by Sol Cogan

"The GameDay laser is easy to use, and can be used anywhere. It's one of the greatest technologies I've seen in my 20 years of practice."

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Announces a Ground-Breaking Achievement in Translational Research

evidence based research.” The study was conducted with the MRM MR4 Super Pulsed Laser in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled environment with the following conclusions: Photobiomodulation significantly decreased pain and significantly improved SF-36® physical component summary at post

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical announces Northern Optotronics, Inc. as exclusive Canadian distributor of MR4 Super Pulsed Lasers

For Immediate Release November 8, 2017 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical (MRM), a leading super pulsed laser therapy device manufacturer, is pleased to announce Northern Optotronics, Inc. (NOI) as the exclusive distributor of MR4 Super Pulsed Lasers in Canada for both human and veterinary

Press Room: Nike Oregon Project Head Coach Alberto Salazar Utilizes Multi Radiance Medical Lasers on Elite Runners, Facilitating Performance and Recovery

athletes in the facility, but I always send the portable MR4 ACTIV with any athlete who is traveling or heading to an event. We have seen great results.” MR4 laser technology’s proven, proprietary, synergistic wavelength laser/light/magnetic field combinations maximize laser treatment capabilities

Press Room: Multi Radiance Celebrates an Exceptional 2013

the integration of super pulsed lasers into clinical practices.” Drawing praise from the chiropractic community, MRM super pulsed lasers represent the gold standard in sports laser treatment applications. Frank J. Nicchi, D.C., M.S., president, New York Chiropractic College, says, “New York Chiropractic

Press Room: LIFE University Awards Dr. Albert Grabovschiner-Multi Radiance Medical Scholarship to John Lancaster, Jr.

medical device company that develops and manufactures FDA-cleared laser equipment using super pulsed laser technology, for the temporary relief of acute/chronic pain, muscle stiffness, arthritis, muscle spasms, and other conditions. Its LaserStim™ with TARGET technology is the first FDA-cleared device

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Salutes 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Winners L. A. Kings

the toughest competition that the league had to offer and competed in the Stanley Cup playoffs in a manner not seen in some time. We at Multi Radiance Medical salute the “Best of the Best” in the NHL in 2012! "Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Laser device provides unparalleled pain relief for acute

Testimonial for MR4 PRO Sport Package: by Chet North

"The Multi Radiance Laser has been a primary device in our training room as well as on the road when we travel. We are highly selective as to what we use and what we are willing to invest our time and money in. We will not be without the Multi Radiance Laser System."

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIV: by Jamie Paolinetti and Chris DeMarchi

"We've used the Multi Radiance ACTIV Laser for months now on muscle soreness and it delivers as promised. We're recovering faster and that means everything in a sport where fractions of seconds mean winning or losing. Plan, Execute, Win...that's Monster Media Racing and now our ACTIV laser always

Testimonial for MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package: by Ronald (Chip) R. Weisel

"The LaserStim’s ability to not only help identify the area to treat, but also the dose required is truly an advantage. Having used other laser devices, I find this laser gets better results, is much easier to use, and may be insurance reimbursable."

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIV: by Robert Donatelli

"During my 35 years of practice, MR4 Super Pulsed Laser with Probes is the most clinically effective adjunctive treatment for soft tissue mobilization and managing trigger points. My patient outcomes have improved dramatically since integrating the MR4 Laser into my treatment protocols." 

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet PRO: by Yukiko Kuwahara

“This laser has changed my life. Being able to treat over 300 conditions without the use of medications or side-effects has changed my mobile practice. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase this laser sooner.”

Press Room: Dr. Mark Elam Awarded Chiropractic Graduate Package at Parker Seminars by Multi Radiance Medical, Other Chiropractic Industry Leaders

. It includes: Multi Radiance Medical's MR4™ Super Pulsed Laser Foot Levelers 3D BodyView™, Tri-Flex® One Unit-Whole Body Rehab, Pillo-Pedic® (2), MyFit® Custom Pillow Activator Methods Activator V Lloyd 400AH Adjusting Bench Just as adjustment, support, and rehab equipment are the essentials in any

Press Room: Multi Radiance Medical Showcases Educational Speaker's Bureau at the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations Convention

leader in the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief. This proprietary technology is considered the safest laser on the market and is utilized to treat over 300 conditions worldwide. For over two decades, Multi Radiance Medical has served physical therapists

Testimonial for MR4 PRO Sport Package: by Chris Kingsley

"Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Laser device provides unparalleled pain relief for acute and chronic conditions, which allows for faster post-injury recovery during an intense season."

Testimonial for MR4 PRO Sport Package: by Robbie Ohashi

"Due to its portability, the Multi Radiance Medical laser has been easy to keep with me on the road and as my 'go to' modality for acute muscle strains or local inflammation." 

Testimonial for PainAway Post-Op: by Mike

“The PainAway laser is non-invasive, easy-to-use, safe and drug free. As a registered nurse, I’m very happy to find a product that is safe for my daughter’s knee pain.”

Testimonial for MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package: by Dr. Frederick R. Carrick

Low-level lasers have become mainstream modalities in the treatment and rehabilitation of a variety of conditions, having established evidence base use in pain relief several years ago. I use the Multi Radiance Laser on a daily basis

Press Room: LIFE University chiropractic student awarded with Multi Radiance Medical scholarship

-cleared super pulsed laser therapy devices for treating acute and chronic pain, arthritis, muscle strain, muscle spasm, and other conditions. Their proprietary super pulsed technology is used by 80% of chiropractic colleges worldwide and is the equipment of choice for 90 professional and collegiate

Testimonial for MR4 PRO Sport Package: by Craig Buhler

"I train doctors from all over the world in the A.M.I.T. method and many of them have purchased Multi Radiance Laser systems with the same amazing results. Together, the A.M.I.T. method and MR4 Laser system have taken sports chiropractic to an entirely different level in effectiveness. Multi

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIV: by Phil Page

"I find low-level laser therapy very beneficial for my patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes, and an important adjunct with other interventions such as manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. Layering LLLT with other interventions such as kinesiological taping and instrument

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet PRO: by Lori A. Bidwell

“I use the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser on every horse that I treat with acupuncture. It is very useful for the needle averse horse, for particularly sensitive acupuncture points and for trigger points. During show circuits, I often treat horsed more than once per week and incorporating the laser

Testimonial for MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package: by Sol Cogan

"After 20+ years of practice and 13 years with the Detroit Lions i can honestly say that the Multi Radiance MR4 Laser is one of most incredible pieces of equipment I've encountered. In my offices, we could use any laser but we choose Multi Radiance because it is my goal to treat every patient like

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet: by Duncan Peters

“We have used the MR4 ACTIVet with success on many soft tissue conditions in sport horses to aid in reducing inflammation and stimulating the reparative processes. We have seen regional muscular benefits of relaxation and improved movement through laser treatment of the axial skeleton. It is easy

Testimonial for MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package: by Mark Charrette

"After several months of research and loaner units from several companies, I decided to upgrade my laser to the MR4 by Multi Radiance Medical. This has been an excellent adjunct therapy to the Graston Technique that I use in my office."

Testimonial for MR4 DLS Package: by Dr. J. Michael Flynn

"I was introduced to Multi Radiance and their advanced Laser Technology at the WFC Congress in Rio De Janeiro in the spring of 2011. it has become part of my everyday treatment protocol ever since. Easy-to-use and effective, it is the perfect adjunct to chiropractic care."

Testimonial for MR4 LaserStim: by Jay Greenstein

In my professional opinion, the MR4 Super pulsed laser provides clinicians with a safe, effective tool for treating many types of injuries and conditions to manage pain without drugs. I recommend Multi Radiance without hesitation because of the success we have had in our practice

Testimonial for MR4 DLS Package: by Dr. Ted Marriott

"I really like the cold laser technology as a natural adjunct for my practice. It is so affordable when you compare it to similar cold laser programs out there. This therapy is right in alignment with what chiropractic is all about which is healing the body from the inside out. I feel it gives

Testimonial for GameDay: by Kyle Busch

"The LASER was an instrumental part of my overall rehab. It helped me perform better in therapy by reducing pain while increasing circulation to speed up recovery. All of these things helped me to get back into my racecar much faster than anticipated by many doctors. Upon returning to racing, my

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet PRO: by Allen M. Schoen

“The promise of Laser therapy is fulfilled by Multi Radiance. Super Pulsing delivers results for my companion animal clients for wounds, post operative healing and especially elder dogs with painful osteo arthritis inflammation in their joints. Faster more complete healing with no side effects. So

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet: by Meg Sleeper

“We have used the MR4 ACTIVet Laser in a 3 day-per-week protocol for our top endurance horses to keep them supple and comfortable while in a rigorous training program. My husband used it with great results following a work related injury to his own knee, and a friend used it for a shoulder problem

Testimonial for MR4 Chiropractic Clinic Package: by Dr. Mitch Mally

with Multi Radiance MR4 Lasers, both in the performance of the product and in the way they do business. I would highly recommend Multi Radiance to anyone looking to add laser to their practice."

Testimonial for Pain Management Package: by Ken Breath

"The Super Pulsed Laser provided by Multi Radiance Medical has dramatically improved our outcomes in both the clinic and training room settings. It has helped speed recovery and decrease symptom levels where other modalities have failed. This is the future of medical modalities and should

Testimonial for MR4 Ultra Package: by Vince Giardina

"MR4 is the best physical therapy tool since the McKenzie method! As a physical therapist I’m interested in scientifically based modalities that are not only good on paper but in outcomes. I have had great success using the MR4 laser system. With patients having less swelling and pain I can perform

Testimonial for MR4 ACTIVet PRO: by Albert Nunez

picked this Laser for several reasons. First, it’s Super Pulsed with multiple synergistic wave lengths and frequencies. Next, its Class 1M allows us to be extremely safe with our patients. I don’t have to worry about a tech accidentally burning a patient. The beauty of Multi Radiance Lasers

Blog: How to Use Super Pulsed Laser to Improve Sports Performance

drugs. What is Multi Radiance Laser Technology? Light energy not only accelerates the body’s own energy system by stimulating ATP production to reduce muscle fatigue, it minimizes muscle damage and oxidative stress developed during activity for a quicker recovery. Designed to meet and exceed

Blog: Veterinarian completes blue light study using Multi Radiance Medical ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser

The Ohio State University veterinary dermatology residency graduate Amy Schnedeker, DVM, MS, recently completed a study on the effects of blue light on common bacteria using Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser. Blue light has been used to treat common skin infections due

Blog: Lighting Up Life: Managing Arthritis Pain with Non-Invasive Low-Level Laser Therapy

increased risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke Risks of Corticosteroids Cataracts Elevated blood fats and blood sugar levels Increased appetite Bone loss Recent advancements in modern technology have demonstrated the beneficial effect of light on arthritic joints.  Low level laser

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