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Laser Therapy Promotions

Your clients, whether they’re people or pets, may not be able to make it to the clinic for multiple laser therapy sessions due to COVID-19. With a laser therapy rental program, you prescribe the treatment and send home a Multi Radiance Laser for treatments in the comfort of home. Your patients get the care they need without having to leave the house, and you generate passive income for your practice. Start your laser therapy rental program today and bridge the care gap so your patients get the continuity of care they need. See our special offers below on the My Pet Laser for veterinarians and the PainAway Laser for medical clinicians.

Flexible financing available with NCMIC: No payment for the first 30 days. Then, $99/mo. for the first 6 months for well-qualified buyers.

Veterinary Promotions

*Buy three MyPet Lasers and receive 1 MyPet Laser for FREE!

*Buy five MyPet Lasers and receive 2 MyPet Lasers for FREE!

*Buy one ACTIVet PRO 2.0 or LaserShower and receive 3 MyPet Lasers for FREE!

Medical Promotions

*Buy three PainAway Lasers and receive 1 PainAway Laser for FREE!

*Buy five PainAway Lasers and receive 2 PainAway Lasers for FREE!

*Buy an ACTIV PRO LaserStim or LaserShower and receive 3 PainAway Lasers for FREE!

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