Total New Revenue
Number of Lasers
Weekly Rental Fee
Number of Rental Weeks
- 4 +
- 250 +
- 50 +

Multi Radiance At-Home Laser Therapy Promotions

Your clients may not be able to make it to the clinic for multiple laser therapy sessions due to COVID-19. With a laser therapy rental program, you prescribe the treatment and send home a Multi Radiance Laser for treatments in the comfort of home.

Flexible financing available with NCMIC: No payment for the first 30 days and then $99/mo. for the first 6 months for qualified buyers.

  • You diagnose and prescribe the laser treatment and your techs can explain how to use this very simple laser with pre-programmed times.
  • You'll receive a ready to use marketing and integration kit complete with Prescription Pamphlets, treatment protocols, posters, flyers, press releases and more.
  • You can finance any combination of our practice and rental lasers so you can start earning income on your PainAway Rental Laser Program right away.

View full financing information and see if you qualify.

Buy 3 PainAway Lasers Get 1 Free Promotion

Buy 5 PainAway Lasers Get 2 Free Promotion

Buy ACTIV PRO Stim Or LaserShower Get 3 Free PainAway

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