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Multi Radiance At-Home Laser Therapy Promotions

Flexible financing available with NCMIC: No payment for the first 30 days, then, $99/mo. for the first 6 months for qualified buyers.

Pet owners and their pets may not be able to make it to the clinic for multiple laser therapy sessions due to COVID-19. With a laser therapy rental program, you prescribe the treatment and send home a Multi Radiance Laser for treatments in the comfort of home.

  • The My Pet Laser is safe and easy-to-use in the home, reducing the need for multiple clinic visits and in-person contact.
  • You prescribe laser therapy treatments for conditions like arthritis, lick granulomas, fractures, skin conditions, and much more.
  • Pets get the care they need without having to leave the house, and you generate passive income for your practice.
  • Includes a ready-to-use marketing kit and client access to for tutorials and more

View full financing information and see if you qualify.

Buy 3 My Pet Lasers, Get 1 Free

Buy 5 My Pet Lasers, Get 2 Free

Buy 1 Activet Pro, Get 3 Free

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