Buy PRO Series Laser, Get 3 Free My Pet Lasers

Bridge the Care Gap and Generate Passive Income by Renting Multi Radiance My Pet Lasers

Buy ACTIVet PRO 2.0 or LaserShower, Get 3 Free My pet Lasers

Treat pets in the clinic with the ACTIVet PRO 2.0 or ACTIVet PRO LaserShower and then send them home with a My Pet Laser care plan! The newly upgraded ACTIVet PRO 2.0 features 6 additional frequencies, a Joule timer, NEW Priority Principle, and much more. The ACTIVet PRO LaserShower offers 200W peak power and covers a 30cm² area for treating large areas quickly. And with a new fleet of My Pet Lasers, your clients can treat their pets in the comfort of home under your direction. With weekly rentals, you’ll generate more passive income for your practice while providing that continuity of care for pets.

The My Pet Laser is safe and easy-to-use in the home, reducing the need for multiple clinic visits and in-person contact, while still providing pets the pain relieving laser therapy they need for conditions like arthritis, lick granulomas, fractures, skin conditions, and much more.

You prescribe the treatment and your techs will quickly train clients on using the simple My Pet Laser device. Plus, each package comes with a ready-to-use marketing kit to get the word out to clients, and clients can also use for video tutorials and more supplemental information on laser therapy.

Flexible financing available with NCMIC for those who qualify

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