The world’s safest high powered therapeutic portable lasers in a Hands Free package that will put your practice on the leading edge of Pain Management. Super Pulsed Laser technology that is non-thermal, safe, effective, and side effect free therapy, along with all the educational resources needed for you and your staff.

  • (2) PRO LaserShowers
  • (1) cart with (2) unattended armatures
  • (1) Surface Go TM
  • 1-year subscription to Laser Therapy University
  • 1-year subscription to NEW Protocol Builder.





    • Unattended means clinicians can retain social distancing

    • World's Safest High Powered Laser means that treatment times will be shortened without compromising patient safety.

    • Technology that has been proven and published in peer-reviewed journals.

    • Laser Therapy University subscription provides hundreds of studies, protocols, videos and webinars to educate clinicians on the optimal use of MRM Super Pulsed Lasers.

    • Protocol Builder is an online "treatment room" guide, to allow the clinician or their assistant to evaluate the patient and select the best therapy for them.

The Process

  • Step 1 - Customer submits application to NCMIC
  • Step 2 - 2-4 business hours to process applicaton and receive credit decision
  • Step 3 - Upon approval, NCMIC will ask for a copy of the sales order INCLUDING applicable tax
  • Step 4 - NCMIC sends documents to customer via DocuSign for electronic signatures
  • Step 5 - With customer's signatures, NCMIC sends PO and Payment to Multi Radiance

NCMIC Contact

  • Emily Blair
  • Phone: 515-313-4593
  • eblair@ncmic.com
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