Nick Kenney Receives Major League Baseball's Top Athletic Trainer Award

Dick Martin Award Recognizes Kansas City Royals as Healthiest MLB Team of 2011 Season

Nick Kenney of the Kansas City Royals uses MR4 Super Pulsed Laser from Multi Radiance Medical


November 18, 2011 – (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) – Nick Kenney and the Kansas City Royals’ medical staff received Major League Baseball’s Dick Martin Award for having the healthiest team during the 2011 season. The Dick Martin Award recognizes athletic trainers and other medical professionals in Major League Baseball that are involved with preventing, identifying and treating players’ injuries. It is determined by a formula known as “Injury Cost,” which factors one-year totals for days and dollars lost to injuries. Since Kenney joined the staff, the Royals’ total dropped by more than 850 man-days-lost to injuries.

In writing for, writer Jeff Stotts with Will Carroll and Dan Wade noted health is a huge part of a team’s success:

“Managing both the injuries and the payroll is one of the biggest challenges in modern baseball… By controlling this situation, the medical staffs of these teams have contributed greatly to success.”

Nick Kenney is a consistent user and advocate of Multi Radiance Medical MR4 laser technology:

"The MR4 laser has become an integral tool in the maintenance and rehabilitation of our players. We have seen positive results in areas such as pain relief and pain management. Because of these optimal results, Multi Radiance Medical laser is 'hands down' our go to modality," he says.

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