Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Technology Utilized by Sports Champions

For Immediate Release

June 24, 2014 – (SOLON, Ohio) – Multi Radiance Medical (MRM), manufacturer and marketer of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief, congratulates the winners of the recent Professional Hockey and Basketball championships.

MRM technology is utilized by over 50 professional sports teams in 5 different sports,” states Max Kanarsky, President and CEO of MRM. “This includes the recent champions of both major Winter Sports—The Stanley Cup™ in Professional Hockey (Los Angeles) and The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy™ in Professional Basketball (San Antonio).”

“Multi Radiance is also proud that 5 consecutive Stanley Cup™ Champions have chosen our technology and have integrated it into their training regimen,” Kanarsky added.

The MR4 Super Pulsed Laser Technology is the Global Leader in Sports Laser Technology:

  • 25,000 mW of Super Pulsed Laser Power, more than most Class IV lasers with a higher degree of safety and more effective treatment options
  • Safe, Effective, Easy to Use
  • Portable and Cordless Models are used in the Training Room, on the bench, or anywhere!

The unique LaserStim™ emitter provides simultaneous, or independent, laser and electrical stimulation applications, for superior clinical results. The technology is designed to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, as well as the management of chronic and acute pain.

Chris Kingsley, Head Athletic Trainer for the L. A. Kings states, “Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Laser device provides unparalleled pain relief for acute and chronic conditions, which allows for faster post-injury recovery during an intense season.”

About Multi Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance Medical is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief. This proprietary technology is considered the safest laser on the market and is utilized to treat over 300 conditions worldwide. For over two decades, Multi Radiance Medical has served physical therapists, doctors of chiropractic, veterinarians, athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals, including M.D.s, D.O.s, DPMs, physiatrists and other rehabilitation specialists.

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