MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser Featured in Vet Practice Magazine

Australia’s Vet Practice Magazine recently featured Multi Radiance’s MR4 ACTIVet PRO Super Pulsed Laser in its February 2018 edition.

The article explains how South Australia’s Meadows Veterinary Centre trialed several lasers before purchasing the ACTIVet PRO, and how the laser is used at the practice.

From dogs in car accidents to equine injuries, Meadows Veterinary Centre has plenty of clients that have benefitted from the ACTIVet PRO’s wound healing, pain relieving and inflammation reducing capabilities.

“It’s such an amazing piece of technology. We’re constantly amazed at what it can do. The potential for the ACTIVet PRO laser in our practice is huge. It’s perfectly safe, the vets and nurses love using it, and the clients are blown away by the results. What’s not to like!”

Read the story from Vet Practice Magazine.

The article in Vet Practice Magazine is sponsored by REM Systems, Multi Radiance’s exclusive Australian distributor. Visit the REM Systems website for information about purchasing a laser in Australia.

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