Become an MRM Referral Doc and we'll refer new local patients to your practice.

Become an MRM Referral Doc

Are you a clinician, veterinarian or other medical practitioner who currently owns and uses a Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser in your practice and is accepting new laser therapy patients?

At our company headquarters, we often get calls from patients interested in finding a clinician near them who uses Multi Radiance Lasers. If you are actively using your Multi Radiance Laser and would like new laser therapy patients, please fill out the form below to have your name and practice included on our list of applicable doctors for patient referrals.

Please fill in the form below.

Disclaimer: Submitting practice information on this form does not guarantee patient referrals. Multi Radiance will supply a patient with your information where applicable (based on location, condition needing treatment, and other factors), and this process does not establish a doctor-patient relationship; the information we provide to patients is solely a recommendation and the patient will decide if they want to pursue treatment with a recommended provider.

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