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Multi Radiance

Call to order now! In USA and Canada (877) 542.0761 International +1 440.542.0761

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is Multi Radiance Medical?
23 years, global technology leader and manufacturer of low level laser therapy devices. Over 400,000 Lasers sold worldwide! 20,000 to private practices

Top sports teams, rehab specialists, 80% of chiropractic schools. They chose Multi Radiance to be their Laser partner because they get the fast results they require!

Are you told you need to spend $18-30,000 to buy Laser Therapy? Before you give up your hard-earned money, ask us questions.
+ Who uses MRM Lasers, why?
ALL our Lasers are Super Pulsed for greater power and safety, proven on 1000lb+ elite athletes! We're the official Laser supplier to the U.S. Equestrian Federation, Professional Riders Association and gold sponsor to the North American Veterinary Community's new VetFolio for education. We launched at the World Equestrian Games, Lexington 2010, we're at WEG Normandy 2014 and we can't wait for WEG 2018 in Bromont!
+ Class IV not "gold standard"?
No. C4 is a hazard level designation by FDA for Lasers of 500mW or more, period. It has zero to do with depth of penetration or efficacy.
+ Class IV high power is required?
No. Both the North American Association of Laser Therapy and the World Association of Laser Therapy's Laser dosimetry guidelines are very clear that lower power, smaller doses (average power of 100mW or less) are more effective and recommended for optimal, safe outcomes.
+ I can't afford LT
We hear you! That's why we've designed the MR4 ACTIVet to be "best in class" Laser therapy. It includes literally everything you need and it's very affordable! Show photo! (Tom, included below, Ted could update with sleeve and new manuals, tether)
+ Laser research = C4?
No. 98% of Laser research is at average power of 100mW or less, not C4's 500mW or higher. Ask for a list of Laser studies conducted at 500mW or higher. Good luck, too! The most published Laser therapy researcher in the world recommends low average power for best outcomes. The second most published Laser researcher; Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal, Junior, PhD, has validated Multi Radiance technology in a new Monograph. Request it below and read the very interesting results for better outcomes on pain, muscle recovery, MRM's patented synergistic combination wavelengths and frequencies, and more.
+ Super Pulsing superior?
Yes. Research is very clear on this, MRM's very high peak power Super Pulsing not only penetrates deeper into tissues than C4, it accumulates and creates stronger metabolic responses. Super Pulsing is documented for higher production of ATP, sustained photodissociation of nitric oxide to improve blood flow, more reactive oxygen species, more growth factor to promote better cellular communication and faster healing.
+ Class IV laser hidden costs?
Did they tell you everything? See below for OSHA C4 regulations chart for the truth about your extra 'required' out of pocket compliance costs; dedicated room, blacked out windows, alarm systems on door, eye shields for everyone in the room!
+ Class IV 980nm not better?
Myth Busters needed! Physicists call out C4 manf. for deceptive and false claims. Did you know 80% of C4's 980nm is absorbed at the skin? That it actually retards healing processes? Plus, 980nm is a surgical laser wavelength to vaporize tissue a layer at a time. How can they claim it ALSO penetrates up to 10" deep?
+ Class IV not safe at events?
Absolutely not! Does everyone within 100' at conferences, canine or equine events have protective eye wear provided? This is a violation of federal OSHA regs.
+ C4 faster dose not better!
No. If that were true, we should cook our food at twice the power, half the time? High doses inhibit healing by overloading tissues. Low and slow...much better. Plus, with super pulsing, far lower doses are required so you can treat faster.
+ C4 is used in vet schools?
Some. But the following top rated vet schools chose to partner with Multi Radiance Medical and the list gets longer all the time! UF, LSU, NC State, MSU, OSU, CSU, UC Davis.

+ One wavelength and "pulsed" not enough?
No. Some C4's now using a shutter to turn the laser on and off. Physicist's paper says that kind of pulsing? "No effect" There are proven synergistic effects from having the right combination of wavelengths and frequencies. MRM's gives you all of them; 470, 660, 875, 905 and together with the frequencies, they are patented.
+ Isn't cheapest Laser still good enough?
As always you get what you pay for! Nobody provides and supports you like MRM! Answers before the sale, fantastic support after the sale. Help is always near when you need it. Plus educational webinars, archived videos, our cell numbers so you can reach us with questions for quick response. Ask a MRM customer how fast we reply!

Had enough of C4 claims that just don't pass the smell test? Call MRM today! Go deep, stay safe, get superior results with MRM.


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