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Multi Radiance

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Multi Radiance Medical Testimonial

We first used the laser on a very difficult case with Edward, a blind cat with ataxia and an obsessive compulsive disorder. He over groomed and developed a wound on the top of his head. In the beginning we were able to treat the wound with topical medication but as the wound healed, he would begin scratching again.

As the months passed he continued to traumatize the area until it became a very deep wound with some nerve damage. About three weeks before we started laser treatment Edward began episodes of scratching the wound which were followed by gorging himself on food and then vomiting. He would repeat the behavior until he exhausted himself and fell asleep. The frequency of the episodes escalated from once every several days to three or four times a day. We were desperate to find a solution. At the time, the use of a laser was new to our veterinarian but we decided to try it.

Edward's blindness makes him very sensitive to anything new in his environment. During the first treatment we were only able to bring the laser within 12 inches above the wound. We were uncertain if he would tolerate it or if it would work, but within the first 30 seconds he relaxed for the first time in 3 weeks. Much to our amazement he remained calm and relaxed with no episodes. After the initial treatment he permitted treatment just above the wound and within 3 weeks the wound was completely healed. Edward is fully recovered to this day. He rarely scratches or becomes irritated but in the event he does he is given a 90 second laser treatment which immediately resolves it.

Therapeutic laser treatment saved Edward's life. As you can imagine, we were relieved, excited and determined to raise the funds to purchase a laser for the sanctuary. Our dream came true and since that day we have treated hundreds of cases with the TQ Solo by Multi Radiance Medical. Rescued cats with wounds too large to be surgically closed, arthritis, torn cruciate ligaments and tendons, soft tissue injuries, pulled muscles, injured discs, broken tails, cat bites, gingivitis, stomatitis, ulcers, upper respiratory infections, abscesses, inflammation, gangrene, anxiety and fear, pain, recovery from surgery, trauma and general well being have all consistently responded to treatment.

We don't know how we lived without it. Our vet is very supportive of Laser therapy and we’ve been using Multi Radiance Lasers over 4 years now. At Brigid’s Crossing Santuary, we see many badly injured cats. Literally hundreds of cats have dramatically improved with Laser treatments, and they like it! Eliminating the stress of extra trips in the carrier is very important to us. RMPL.com is a great idea for cats, too!"

Heather Burch
Brigid's Crossing Foundation, Inc


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