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Multi Radiance

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About LaserSweep™ Technology

Any biological system exposed to an external stimulus will eventually return to homeostasis and adapt. Therefore it is necessary to provide variable photobiostimulation to avoid tissue adaptation to the signaling frequency. LaserSweep™ is exclusive to Multi Radiance Medical and utilizes a range of frequencies that “sweep” from highest to lowest (from the fixed end points) during treatments. By varying the “frequencies” each laser impulse effectively changes the laser’s target depth of penetration. It is, in essence, “scanning” the target tissue from superficial to deep. Changes in the frequency not only impact the depth of the energy, but also the rate at which the energy is delivered. The combination of the “variable” depth and dose rate reduces risk of biological adaptation to treatments. No continuous wave or high powered Class IV laser can ever attempt this.

About TARGET™ Technology

TARGET™ technology provides an interactive neural stimulation by constantly measuring electro-conductivity of treated tissue. Some of the benefits include:

  • Wider list of applications than traditional modalities
  • Synergistic effect of Multi Radiance therapy provides benefits of light and neuro stimulations
  • Faster temporary pain relief
  • Assists a clinician in identifying the optimal treatment locations. This is done through our TARGET technology.
  • Constantly changing impulses, preventing accommodation of tissue to neuro stimulation
  • Deep tissue penetration of photonic energy due to 25W Super Pulsed Laser
  • Preset frequencies allow clinician to control depth of therapeutic energy from the surface up to 13 cm (5 inches)
  • Insurance reimbursement:simultaneous usage of light and neuro stimulation therapies allows for potential insurance reimbursement
  • Patient can feel the treatment


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