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Multi Radiance

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Safe, Natural, Drug-Free Pain Relief for Athletes

Spend more time in the game and less time in recovery with Multi Radiance Medical’s exclusive Super Pulsed Laser technology. Whether you treat high school, college or professional athletes, Multi Radiance Laser provides athletes with a convenient, comfortable, and portable tool for treatment in the training room, on the field, or on the road.

Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser technology has been validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments and in clinical practice. Our multiple wavelength technology has been clinically proven to provide optimal treatment, safe for all skin pigmentation, without raising skin temperatures to dangerous levels—unlike Class IV and Class 3B lasers.


Discover Why Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser Technology Is Superior

Treatment without limitations, Redefining Deep Tissue Therapy, Less is more


Get Back in the Game

Join the increasing number of athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians who use our Super Pulsed Lasers as a regular part of their treatment programs. Find the right laser package to get your athletes back in the game.

Who Uses Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers?


* NBA, Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, and Sprint Cup are registered trademarks. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Multi Radiance is neither affiliated nor endorsed by trademark owners.

MR4 PRO Sport Package

With this package, you’ll be able to treat athletes safely and effectively in the clinic, on the road or on the field. Includes the portable MR4 ACTIV, the LaserShower™ Emitter, and the LaserStim Emitter with exclusive TARGET™ technology.

MR4 Ultra Package

A must-have for any practice, the MR4 Ultra Package includes the LaserStim™ Emitter, the LaserShower™ Emitter and more. With up to 50,000mW of Super Pulsed Power, you get the highest photon density with lowest thermal effect.

MR4 Champions Package

Get the LaserStim™ Emitter and the cordless MR4 ACTIV to treat athletes in the clinic, on the road or on the field. Includes the Magna Cart to keep you organized.


The ultra-portable MR4 ACTIV cordless laser device provides temporary relief of acute and chronic pain, reduces stiffness and increases blood circulation for professional or amateur athletes, active military warriors, and even pediatric and geriatric patients


MR4 lasers are now my go-to modalities for addressing lower extremity injuries that are slow to heal. The devices are typically used on all athletes in the facility, but I always send the portable MR4 ACTIV with any athlete who is traveling or heading to an event. We have seen great results.

Alberto Salazar
Nike Oregon Project Head Coach


The MR4 laser has become an integral tool in the maintenance and rehabilitation of our players.

Nick Kenney, Head Athletic Trainer Kansas City Royals
Voted MLB Top Athletic Trainer 2011, 2013
2015 World Series Champions



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