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Multi Radiance

Call to order now! In USA and Canada (877) 542.0761 International +1 440.542.0761
Multi Radiance Lasers are rented by companion and equine vets to clients for treatment of dozens of conditions in the relaxed comfort of home.
Vets, Clients, Pets and Horses...Very Happy!
Welcome to our laser advantage!
Veterinarians just like you are now renting out our safe and highly effective lasers to their clients and generating thousands every month in passive income. Now, we're launching a national campaign to pet owners!

Welcome to Rent My Pet Laser
Our Lasers provide fast pain relief, reduce inflammation, and speed wound healing. Your clients will love treating their pet's conditions like arthritis in the comfort of home No drug side effects! Your diagnosis, our safe effective lasers, Very happy clients and pets! It's the Win Win Win for better pet care!

What experts are saying about our Lasers

Laser therapy is one of my favorite modalities now that the technology is fulfilling its promise for pain relief, reduced inflammation, faster and deeper healing for injuries. Multi Radiance Medical's ACTIVet and TQ Solo's are safe, fit in my pocket and can even be rented by my clients for use at home.They are thrilled to eliminate the stress of office visits for their companion animals and the extra risks of trailering horses. We all love the results we see for faster more complete healing without drug side effects for conditions like osteo arthritis. This fits in exactly with my emphasis on compassionate care; combining the best of technology and experience to produce happier pets and horses with longer healthier lives. I rarely give testimonials, but Multi Radiance Medical has earned my endorsement for a great therapy modality that works as advertised!
Allen M. Schoen, DVM
Author : "The Compassionate Equestrian"
Makes Pets Happy!

  • Reduce Pet Stress
    Give your pet laser therapy in the comfort of home
  • Fast Pain Relief
    Super Pulsed Laser technology inhibits pain without drugs.
  • Safe and Easy to Use
    FDA Over-the Counter Cleared technology, with custom treatment protocol provided by your Veterinarian.
  • Treat over 300 Conditions
    Convenient home laser therapy is possible, with specific protocols recommended by your Veterinarian.



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