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Multi Radiance

Call to order now! In USA and Canada (877) 542.0761 International +1 440.542.0761

No matter which way you save, you win!

Ante up for big time savings with Multi Radiance Medical's year end promotions!

$4,000 in potential savings + Section 179 tax advantages** = Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner  

2 Ways to Save! Hurry - Both Offers Expire December 31, 2013

Lucky 7's Promotion - Multi Radiance Medical

The Hands Free DLS Package includes: 

* Magna Cart Deluxe (Magna Cart, 2 Armatures, 2 Single Emitter Holders)

* Your choice of: 2 LS50 (Round) OR 2 LS50-6D (Square) LaserShower Emitters

* MR4 Console

Multi Radiance Medical's new DLS Hands Free package allows you to treat multiple patients at once.  Ideal for treating the spine, knees, shoulders and other large muscle groups, simply place one or both of the LaserShower heads on the treatment area and secure with the Magna Cart emitter holders.  Then, you and your staff can attend to other patients at the same time.

Increase ROI without increasing overhead. 

Contact us today to learn more - 800-373-0955.

Sure Bet Promotion - Multi Radiance Medical

The Sure Bet Package includes: 

* MR4 Ultra Package (MR4 Console, LaserStim Emitter, LS50 LaserShower Emitter)

* TQ Solo Cordless Laser

Save now on this “Sure Bet” of a package.  Buy the MR4 Ultra Package, and get the TQ Solo for FREE.  Use the TQ Solo for personal use, or rent it out to patients to continue their care in the privacy of their home.

One of our most popular promotions; be sure to save today! 

Contact us today to learn more - 800-373-0955.

**United States and Canada customers only.  Not valid on previous purchases.  Lucky 7's and Sure Bet Promotions expire 12/31/2013. Consult your tax professional to see if you qualify for Section 179 tax advantages.



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