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Multi Radiance

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MR4 DLS "Hands Free" Package

square square

DLS with Round Shower

DLS with Square Shower


  • Magna Cart Deluxe
    • Magna Cart
    • (2) Flex Armatures
    • (2) Single Emitter Holders
  • (2) LS50 (Round) OR (2) LS50-6D (Square) LaserShower Emitters
  • MR4 Console

    Multi Radiance Medical's new DLS Hands Free package allows you to treat multiple patients at once. Ideal for treating the spine and large muscle groups, simply place one or both of the LS50 shower heads on the treatment area and secure with the Magna Cart emitter holders. Then, you and your staff can attend to other patients at the same time.

    Increase ROI without increasing overhead; no separate treatment room needed!

    Hands Free Treatment without Increase in Overhead



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