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Multi Radiance

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TerraQuant Advantages

Multi Radiance Medical Technology excels where most laser devices fall short

TerraQuant® technology provides better patient outcomes. Multi Radiance Medical technology incorporates multiple radiances that work synergistically into one device.

  • Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers deliver higher peak power while maintaining the highest degree of safety of any laser on the market.
  • Multi Radiance Medical devices are more effective in delivering photons to deep tissues compared to Class I—III continuous and modulated lasers
  • Unlike Class IV continuous lasers, Multi Radiance Medical devices eliminate the risk of thermal damage to a tissue
  • Static magnetic field
  • 25,000—50,000mW super pulsed laser power

The Best Value on the Market

TerraQuant Laser is one of the most versatile devices, offering one of the most sophisticating technologies at affordable price. It also offers the ability to add new Multi Radiance emitters at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new unit.


The TerraQuant laser therapy device includes the patented LaserSweep technology which varies the depth of penetration from superficial to deep, preventing biological adaptation to treatment for maximum impact.

The continual use of the same frequency, as found in continuous wave lasers, can lead ultimately to the beginning of adaptation processes and thereby can diminish the therapeutic effect.

The TerraQuant is capable of creating unique and exclusive, patented “sweep” laser programs.

With each laser impulse of a Sweep Program, the “frequency” is changed, varying between end points of pre-selected frequencies.

This changes the laser’s target depth of penetration, “scanning” the target tissue from superficial to deep, while preventing biological adaptation to the treatment. The TerraQuant Super Pulsed Laser comes with a preset LaserSweep Program.



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