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Multi Radiance

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PainAway Post-Op™

PainAway PostOp™ is a cordless, ultra-portable laser therapy system. It consists a multi-wavelength, synchronous multi-light source PBM device that incorporates a Super Pulsed Laser (GaAs 905 nm), and ultra-bright infrared and red LEDs (875 nm and 640 nm) with a mean output of power of 133 mW. The combined wavelengths of the light “core” optimize the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.

PainAway PostOp™ Features

  • Convenient Portal 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy to Use with simple interface and treatment modes
  • FDA Cleared for patient use at home under your direction

Perfect for the Busy Surgical Practice

The New PainAway Post-Op™ is a Super Pulsed Laser that provides temporary pain relief and enhanced post-operative care for your patients in the comfort of their own home, all under your direction. It is Safe, Effective, Easy to Use and FDA OTC cleared.

Patient Rental Program

Creates a passive income opportunity to rent to either post surgical or less mobile patients as an "at home" treatment prescribed by you

Partnership Program

Patients can purchase lasers from you. Utilize our website with your own unique "Promo" code. Convenient for patients, no inventory required.

The PainAway Post-Op™ Laser:

  • Reduces Pain
  • Promotes Microcirculation
  • Accelerates Recovery
  • Minimizes Patient Exposure to Opioids

Request your copy now!
PainAway Post-Op White Paper
Read the research on pain control and functional recovery.




PainAway PostOp™ Purchase Includes 

  • PainAway PostOp™ Emitter
  • 2 Pairs of Laser Goggles
  • Laser Carrying Case
  • Operating Manual
  • Industry Best 2-year limited warranty



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