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ACTIVet Companion Protocol Manual

Your MR4 ACTIVet Veterinary Protocol Manual is designer to complement the MR4 ACTIVet Operating Manual and both should be carefully reviewed to understand all the benefits of your investment. This protocol Manual will provide basic step-by-step instructions for many common conditions seen in everyday practices across a wide array of animal patients.

The purpose of this manual is to briefly describe the main photobiological interactions between light and biological tissue. The various techniques and methods of laser therapy application will be presented and explored in some detail. These techniques will assist you in getting the best outcomes possible when adding laser therapy to your treatment regimen. Protocols for some of the most common conditions seen in daily practice are explained in simple, easy to follow steps and provide the foundation to treat an even wider array of conditions. Throughout the manual you will find recommendations from our Multi Radiance Veterinary Team on best clinical practices as well as Quick Start Tips.

Please review all included lists for indications of use contraindications as well as any other considerations that may be relevant or useful to know. The veterinary conditions that treatment protocols presented should be considered a starting point. They are not intended to be complete or exhaustive in nature, nor are they the only protocols that can produce successful outcomes.



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