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Multi Radiance

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ACTIVet Equine Protocol Manual

The purpose of this manual is to complement your knowledge of horses with protocols and techniques to get the best possible results with your Lasers. For horses, it's best summed up by renowned equine therapist, Mimi Porter,

"Horses need touch, they respond beautifully to touch".

Your hands can tell you so much about your horse. Its level of comfort, its tender places, and its responsiveness to energetic medicine that Laser Therapy can deliver. feeling your horse with your finger tips can reveal sensitive places and areas where there is swelling, soreness and inflammation -- all conditions that respond well to our Laser Therapy. This manual will teach you what you need to know about the most effective wavelengths and frequencies to obtain the best possible outcomes.

Becoming proficient takes study and practice. Our Priority Principle™ method provides a very logical, easy-to-understand technique for learning which symptoms to treat and in what order: highly effective for equine anatomy.



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