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Multi Radiance

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Multi Radiance Medical Testimonial

My name is James Saccomano and I'm a grateful user of the Multi Radiance Laser.

I've been training in and teaching martial arts for over 30 years. The wear and tear finally caught up with me as I tore my shoulder up pretty good. Rotator cuff tears and complete labrum detachment. After surgery I began the long process of rehab. Fortunately for me I was introduced to laser therapy from a Chiropractor friend and was able to get their portable handheld unit. It's been fabulous.

I've had many breaks, tears and surgeries in my life but nothing as brutal as this shoulder injury. The rehab work is a bear! It hurts and it's slow going. The laser gives me quick lasting relief. I can push through my exercises knowing that the laser will calm things down as soon as I'm done. It's truly been a key part of my recovery. Friends of mine have used it to help with other injuries, including an ankle sprain that had great improvement after just a couple 10 minute treatments, This Multi Radiance laser is so easy to use that I take it with me on the road wherever I go.



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