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Multi Radiance

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Multi Radiance Medical Testimonial

During my 37 year career working with the NBA Utah Jazz Basketball team, US Ski Team, US speed skaters, and many other elite and professional athletes, I have had the opportunity to work under some the most demanding situations in sports.

During my 26 year tenure with the Utah Jazz basketball team, we did not have the luxury of treating an injured player over extended periods of time. Players needed to be back on the court as soon after injury as possible.

The trainers had access to the best treatment modalities available in sports medicine. Yet, from the very beginning of our relationship they recognized how much more effective the treatment options I used were in conjunction with modalities. We became more efficient in deciding which treatment system worked the best for any given condition. Our integration of systems lead to the lowest games missed to injury rate of any team in the NBA from 1984 to 2001.

Acute ankle sprains were easy to correct, resolving in most cases within minutes without the use of modalities. An example of which can be seen on you tube of a severe ankle sprain John Stockton sustained during a play-off game. He had to be helped off the court due to the severity of the pain and yet after 10 minutes of treatment using Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (A.M.I.T.), he finished the last quarter of the game to win the game. He played the next night functionally pain free.

Last year at a Parker Seminar I was introduced to the Multi Radiance Laser system. I had always found modalities less effective than the A.M.I.T. system in resolving injuries. I have a laser system on a shelf in my office that I never found of value. Max Kanarski, President and CEO of Multi Radiance Medical discussed their laser system with me at length and offered to let me try the system in my office to prove to me how effective their system is. To be honest, I was skeptical, but his kind offer motivated me to try his system.

The first person I used it on was my father who was 87 and in the process of dying from cancer. One morning he fell in the bathroom and fractured his nose and two ribs. He went to the hospital for sutures and x-rays. When I say him he was in a lot of pain. I began using the Multi Radiance Laser system on him twice a day, and to my utter amazement, within a week and a half he was almost completely pain free.

Since then I have used in my elderly patients with conditions that I have struggled to resolve, and found amazing success. Acute disc conditions, hematomas, post surgical pain and so many other difficult conditions respond rapidly. Patients with fractures heal in half the time. I have found the technology developed by Multi Radiance Medical Laser to be an amazing addition to my clinic and would recommend anyone in practice to try it. Once you see how effective it is in your difficult patients, there will be no question it needs to be a part of your treatment protocols.

I train doctors from all over the world in the A.M.I.T. method and many of them have purchase systems with the same amazing results. Together, the A.M.I.T. method and Multi Radiance Laser system have taken sports chiropractic to an entirely different level in effectiveness.

Their training program and customer service are the best I have found during my 37 year career. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying the system in you clinic.

Craig F. Buhler, DC



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