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Multi Radiance

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Multi Radiance Medical Testimonial

Thanks for introducing me to the MR4 Laser Package with LaserStim and the LaserShower. In a time where everyone is demanding great outcomes in shortened periods of time, this modality has helped us achieve those goals.

The Super Pulsed Laser provided by MultiRadiance Medical has dramatically improved our outcomes in both the clinic and training room settings. It has helped speed recovery and decrease symptom levels where other modalities have failed. The return to athletic activity after injury has been accelerated thanks to the improved blood flow and tissue healing properties of this modality. Just about every patient, regardless of condition, has benefited from the use the Super Pulsed Laser. I have even benefited personally from the use of this unit following shoulder surgery.

I tried other Laser units but found the MR4 to be the easiest to use and have had the most consistent results due to the TARGET system of identifying, then properly dosing the Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) over soft tissue restrictions and painful spots. It amazes patients and therapists alike with its ability to identify, then eliminate the sources of pain or restriction. Patients have requested this modality and have demonstrated immediate reduction in pain as well as increased functional ability in a very short period after the treatment. It is safe to use, with virtually no negative side effects, due to non-thermal laser and has a wide variety of treatment parameters to specifically address treatment indications. The MR4 provides the optimum laser wavelengths according to the most recent literature and has nearly paid for itself in a short time frame due to the ability to bill insurances for the attended E-stim component which no other device can. It has helped us increase workmans’ compensation referrals due to the positive outcomes we have been getting. Case managers have specifically requested our clinic due to the accelerated healing and return to work.

This is the future of medical modalities and should be incorporated into every PT clinic and Athletic Training Room. I appreciate you helping us get ahead of the competition both as a clinic and as a NASCAR race team.

Ken Breath, PT, ATC, LAT
Clinic Manager- OrthoCarolina Huntersville
Head PT/ATC- Joe Gibbs Racing (NASCAR)
PT Consultant- Davidson College



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