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Multi Radiance

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Laser Therapy is Supported by Thousands
of Clinical Studies.

Numerous randomized double blind clinical trials have shown the efficacy of Multi Radiance Medical Technology.

Numerous randomized double blind clinical trials have shown the efficacy of Laser Therapy on various health conditions. Over 4000 studies have been conducted to validate the effectiveness of laser therapy.

Multi Radiance Medical laser therapy devices provide deep tissue penetration with maximum photonic density. These FDA-cleared devices have more power than most class IV lasers with the safety of class I.

Multi Radiance Technology™ is exclusive to Multi Radiance Medical and cannot be found in other laser therapy devices or other competing modalities.

Commitment to Research and Education

Multi Radiance Medical is a world leader in the research and education of Laser Therapy. Please check back to the site often to discover other Clinical Research Opportunities.


For those requiring other information or to be notified when new Clinical Research Opportunities are available, please complete the contact form bellow

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